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“You don’t need another child to take care of you”


A woman is argument with her husband on who should have packed their bags.

She asked Reddit‘s”Am I the A******? (AITA)” forum to weigh in. Her husband expects her to do all the household chores. He expected her to pack when he had to attend a wedding she wasn’t. When she refused, he threw a fit.

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“My husband works full time while I am a residentresidence mom with three kids,” she wrote. “He shares childcare 40/60 but lets me handle 100/100 of the housework, cleaning, kitchenvacuuming for shopping and so on, saying it’s my duty in lieu of working hours.

“We agreed to these arrangements, but a few days ago his mom invited him to his sister’s wedding. She didn’t invite me because wedding is supposedly “childless”, but I assumed it was because of an argument we had four months ago about which school my eldest should attend.

The problem arose when her husband expected her to pack his things for him.

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“The day before his flight, he asked me to gather his things and threw me a list of what he needed,” she said. Explain. “I returned it and said I wouldn’t. He was puzzled, asking why. I told her I was tired and went upstairs to sleep in the bedroom. Moments later, he burst in, calling me petty for basically refusing to help him pack just because I wasn’t going to. He said, ‘Your problem is with my mother, not me.’ I [asked] him why [I] must pack his bags.

“He said [it’s] because he’s busy and because I always do. I said yes, but why should I do it this time. He said, because of four letters, “SAHM”, and that’s basically part of my housework. I told him I wouldn’t, end of story, and went back to sleep. He had a three minute seizure, then walked out, then came back and turned on the light at 3am to pack up, keeping me awake. I told him it was pathetic, and he said he couldn’t live up to my smallness and ignored when I told him to turn off the lights repeatedly.

Editors felt the woman was right on this one.

“Send him back to his mama. You don’t need another child to take care of you,” a user said.

“Your husband has been treating you like shit for a long time,” another said.

“At least with a divorce you can go back to raising just three kids instead of four,” one person said. wrote.

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