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You can do your household chores except the baby of this age, just take care of these things

New parents want to be close to their newborn baby and take care of him all the time. There’s nothing wrong with paying attention to your child, but being with the child all the time can shut down a lot of your work.

It’s nice to be with a newborn all the time, but it can be exhausting and difficult at times. Bathing the baby, cleaning, cooking or if someone comes to the door, take the baby on the lap and open the lock. When the whole day goes by like this, mental fatigue comes first.

At the same time, after childbirth, mothers should take care of themselves, and during the first 40 days, the mother should take care of herself. After the song, any member of the family can see the child. If you live alone, with the help of someone else, you can manage the baby as well as household chores.

The easiest solution is to do most of your chores while your baby is sleeping. You can also take care of household chores with the help of your husband.

when can you go baby

Until your baby learns to sit up, you can leave him in bed for a few minutes. Newborn babies can’t see very far, so you can keep calling or talking to them to make your presence known. When the child begins to watch, you can leave him for a while using a mobile phone.

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Keep that in mind

Before leaving the baby alone, keep in mind that wherever you leave him, even for a short time, he should not be too cold or too hot and his stomach should be full and the diaper should be clean. . According to an article published on npr.org, after the age of 4 months, babies who sleep alone in their room are able to sleep longer.

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avoid doing that

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your baby in the parking lot even for a few minutes. Even if the window is open, there is a risk of an accident occurring.

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child proof house

Keep in mind that leaving the child alone will become more difficult and dangerous once the child starts to walk on their lap, as you will need to childproof your home first.

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