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Xiaomi Malaysia launches multiple smart home items to spice up your home tech life


Xiaomi Malaysia has launched a host of new AIoT family-related products designed to make your daily life surrounded by more technology and convenience.

We’ll go over the “smart” devices first because some don’t really call it “smart”.

Acer Nitro 5

Xiaomi TV A2 series

The highlight of the launch event is none other than the Xiaomi TV A2 series, which is their smartest home entertainment TV yet.

It is actually designed to support the AIoT system by acting as a central hub or dashboard to allow users to have a complete view and detailed access to every compatible smart device within the household.

But that doesn’t mean he hurts in his native job of being a TV. The 58-inch model offers crisp, vibrant 4K video output with Dolby Vision augmented by Dolby Audio for surround spatial audio and DTS-HD too.

Powered by Android TV, you can also do the usual stuff, like directly launch a video streaming platform that includes Netflix, Prime Video and YouTube on top of all the weirdness you can launch in the Google Play Store.

Do you have a personal collection? Stream them directly via Chromecast from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

To make sure everyone from cash whales to regular folks like you and me, the TVs have additional size options which are 32-inches and 43-inches.

Xiaomi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer

Those looking for an air fryer that is more than a standard air fryer should check out the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L which hosts over 100 different recipe ideas so you can just pop your ingredients and start cooking right away.

As for managing the temperatures yourself, you can set it within a range of 40°C to 200°C directly on the device itself or remotely.

Xiaomi smart speaker

For the audio department, the new Xiaomi Smart Speaker with IR Control comes with a rather small compact body that hosts a simple LED clock above the usual speaker.

The built-in IR emitter module combined with Google Assistant allows full voice control of home appliances in multiple rooms and you can also seamlessly connect to multiple smart speakers or stream audio with a single click via Chromecast.

Xiaomi Mi Smart LED Ceiling Light

Next on the list is the smart LED ceiling light which has a built-in Bluetooth gateway that allows easy connection and control via the Xiaomi Home app and Apple Homekit.

With a brightness of up to 3000 lumens and different modes such as Daylight and Moonlight, you can have them turn on automatically when the doors are opened and set correctly.

Xiaomi Mi Camera 2K Magnetic Holder

The last smart household item on the list is the Xiaomi Camera 2K with Magnetic Mount which records clear images in 2K resolution while acting as a go-between for visitors with the built-in microphone.

It also comes with AI-based human detection technology that effectively filters out false alarms, so don’t worry about random pets setting off the sirens during midnight hours.

Redmi Buds 4 Pro and Buds 4

Xiaomi Malaysia has also taken the opportunity to launch a few new TWS which are the Redmi Buds 4 Pro and Redmi Buds 4. Both are known for their long battery life between 30-36 hours as well as their charging speed fast, they are perfect for those who are always on the run.

The difference between the base and Pro models is that the Pro will have a more aggressive charging graph to give more battery life in a short session in addition to the 3-microphone noise cancellation array compared to the configuration to 2 microphones of the base model.

Xiaomi T700 Electric Toothbrush

It’s time to up your brushing game with the Xiaomi T700 Electric Toothbrush which comes with a new set of improved bristles, brush heads and handles. Preserving high frequency vibrations with multiple power settings, it has DuPont Staclean Brush wire, smart LED display, personalized settings with the app, long battery life and flexible charging.

Xiaomi Mi Water Ionic H500 HairdryerDo you have long hair? The Xiaomi Water Ionic H500 Hair Dryer brings ionic water particles into the hair drying process to specifically remove just enough moisture to maintain good shine.

The built-in condenser and two needle-shaped motors quickly atomize tiny negative water ions which are then delivered to the hair, scalp and root.

Price and availability

Most of the items announced yesterday are slated for release on September 9, but these are mostly available on Xiaomi’s Lazada and Shopee pages.



Special offers

Available from

Xiaomi A2 32″ Smart TV

RM 999

Early bird price RM 799

To be determined

Xiaomi A2 43″ Smart TV


Early bird price RM 1,099

September 9

Xiaomi A2 58″ Smart TV


FREE Xiaomi 23.8″ 1C desktop monitor for early risers

September 9

Xiaomi 3.5L Smart Air Fryer

RM 359

Early bird price RM 299

Available now

Redmi Buds 4

RM 239

FREE Redmi Buds 3 Lite

September 9

Redmi Buds 4 Pro

RM 369

FREE Redmi Buds 3 Pro

September 9

Xiaomi smart speaker (infrared control)

RM 199

September 16

Xiaomi T700 Electric Toothbrush

RM 429

September 9

Xiaomi H500 Water Ionic Hair Dryer

RM 259

September 16

Xiaomi 2K Camera (Magnetic Mount)

RM 129

September 9

Xiaomi Smart LED Ceiling Light


September 16

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