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Why are moms supposed to do household chores?


Either way, it seems mothers find themselves having to do most of the heavy lifting. housework. Why is that? For mothers with opposite-sex partners, women will be the primary caretakers of the home even if they work outside the home, just like their husbands. Full-time working moms come home at the end of the day just to do more work. motherhood is well known for being exhausting and whether you’re in your first month or in your 20s, you know it never ends.

Cleaning our homes, doing the laundry and preparing the food takes a lot of time, and everything has to be done even if we don’t feel like doing it. There’s no doubt that a mother works hard both inside and outside her home, and we’re sure you can guarantee that a majority of mothers are still exhausted by it.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics found that, on average, women perform household chores at a significantly higher rate than men.

  • Every day, 72% of women prepare and clean food, compared to only 50% of men on a daily basis.
  • The endless drudgery of laundry had the largest gender gap, with 23% of women doing laundry daily compared to just 6% of men.

Not surprisingly, women report higher levels of stress than men. Women perform domestic work at a higher rate both out of necessity for the work and also because they want to do it. Mothers are natural caretakers, and often moms want to provide for those needs because that’s what moms do.

Maybe it’s maternal instinct

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Moms take great pride in their homes, their households, and their children. Although we can often lament how difficult it is to be a mother, it is also very pleasant. Most women who are mothers truly enjoy taking care of their children and family in every way possible. It’s definitely rooted in long-established gender roles in our society where it is a woman’s primary duty to care for children and the interior of the home.

Although we have modernized considerably over the past 60 years, men have been slow to catch up with what women have always done. According Research benchlooking at married couples or couples who lived together and shared at least one child, they said:

  • Women take care of children’s activities and schedules 56% of the time.
  • While only 5% took on this main role.
  • Mothers and fathers had many equal responsibilities for such things as household chores and discipline, but very few dads took full responsibility.

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Men step up more

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Things are changing and more and more men are more fathers and home keepers than ever before. Women who have partners like this know how lucky they are because there is still a long way to go for equality in this area. A woman’s employment status changes the level of domestic work she performs. Women who do not work or work only part-time perform household chores at an even higher rate than their full-time counterparts.

Although the fathers seem to have an equal share of their house, they do not take over the majority of it. It will be up to their wives who will, because if they don’t, who will? There are lots of tasks to do and no one should feel left out. Moms do this job because it’s expected, but it’s not required.

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