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When is the best time to buy household appliances?


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There are a lot of household appliances that we really can’t live without, but there are also a lot of extra luxury ones, right? You might not really need a cheese grill maker or blender, but they make nice little extras and will probably come in very handy, right?

Whether you’re looking for something essential or an extra luxury, the question remains, when is the right time to buy a new appliance? Well, as always, there really isn’t a simple and easy answer to this question. But the good news is that the more responses, the more opportunities you have to buy.

Some of it will be down to personal opinion and there is also an element of luck, depending on which device you are looking for, but there are still good times to buy. So, without further ado, let’s take a closer look at when you should start looking for new devices.

During the holidays

Holidays like Christmas and New Year are busy times, but these holidays are usually long periods and many stores have big sales for long periods. Christmas sales, for example, will usually start in November or sometimes even in October.

During this time many stores will have sales and you may be able to get a bargain on a wide range of different home appliances. Everything from washing machines and stoves to televisions and microwaves.

The same rules also apply to online shopping, in fact the holidays are usually even better when it comes to getting a bargain on your home appliances. Amazon alone holds many sales around the Christmas period, including Prime Day and Cyber ​​Monday.

Just before a new version

This one is a little tricky because you need to know when a new version comes out and it won’t net you bigger savings on newer models but on older ones. When a new TV comes out, for example, similar but older models will usually go on sale.

So you can then buy those older devices at a better price! It’s not something that will affect all devices, but things like TVs, game consoles, toasters and the like will generally see their prices reduced when a new model comes out.

The last day of the month

Many stores, but especially electronics stores, will have a quota to make each month. If these stores have not reached their quota then it is not uncommon to see them lower the price of certain products. It might not always be a device you need, but if you’re lucky you might get a great deal and find a great new device.

Many people moving into a new property who are missing most of their appliances will wait until the end of the month to buy in order to save money. If you are looking to upgrade or buy new appliances, you can follow the same principle.

September to December

Dan Peters of appliance repair network RepairAid.co.uk explains: “September to December is the best quarter for appliances and not just because of the previously mentioned Christmas sales. In those four months, many manufacturers will be launching new devices in stores, which means you’ll see older models see their prices drop because stores try to get rid of older stock.”

You can also find introductory offers on new models. So you don’t have to focus only on older models, because you can also find a newer and more modern device at a great price.

Early May – For refrigerators and freezers

The above time frame is the best time to buy many home appliances, but it does not apply to people looking to buy new fridges and freezers. These essential kitchen appliances typically hit the market much earlier in the year, around May.

So if you’re looking to upgrade to a new fridge or freezer, early to mid-May is the best time to hit the stores. Older models will usually be discounted as stores want to get rid of old stock, but newer models could also be discounted to increase sales.

Weekday mornings

Going shopping for new appliances on a weekday morning won’t give you as many significant benefits as the other options on the list, but there are still some benefits. A weekday morning will be less busy than afternoon and weekend races.

Most people will be at work, so if you can find the time to get to the stores and look around, you might find a deal that would otherwise close when you could normally get to the stores. You will also have more time to look around and may also be able to take advantage of some early morning offers.

When your old devices stop working properly

As you can see, there are many different times to buy a new device at a discount throughout the year. That’s good news for bargain hunters, but remember that if you have a malfunctioning device, you should purchase a replacement immediately rather than continuing to use it.

Let’s say your toaster smells strange, it can still toast without a problem, but the smell is a bit of a concern. If you clean the toaster and it still gives off a strange smell, it’s probably a sign that it’s broken. So rather than keep using it, get a replacement right away.

Many people ignore small faults and continue to use appliances when they really run the risk of a fire or an accident. So if you have a device that isn’t working properly, you shouldn’t wait for a sale if you can’t really afford it and instead replace it as soon as possible.

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