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Viral Video of Asian Home Appliances Hypnotizes Twitter


A TikTok video featuring Asian home appliances has gone viral on Twitter.

User @shongani_ took to his Twitter account to share the TikTok user’s video @vivifuture.home on Sunday. Although the original video has since been deleted on TikTok, it has garnered over 4.7 million views and nearly 200,000 likes on Twitter, to date.

“Asians have different devices than the rest of the world. We need to copy these things, they are so useful 😹 🤞🏾,” @shongani_ captioned his tweet.

Viewers were thrilled and mesmerized by the kitchen appliances featured by a woman in the video. The TikTok features a six-grid rotating rice and cereal dispenser, a multi-level steamer, a bin attached to a cabinet door with a removable scraper, a fruit and vegetable purifier, an egg roll machine electric and a four-egg oven. frying pan.

Many users have expressed their need for the same devices in their household, with one user in writing“Asian devices are a real ‘don’t stress me out’, I want them all 😩.”

“Each of these videos I’ve seen have been so calming to watch,” another user share.

The video also featured appliances used outside the kitchen, including a portable, foldable mini washing machine, electric shoe dryer, portable mini iron and steamer, toothbrush holder and soap dispenser. toothpaste mounted on the bathroom wall and a mini home theater projector.

“The washing machine thing please, I want it”, a user noted.

“Once converted, you can never go back to what we have. I love Asian devices,” another user responded while sharing a similar TikTok video.

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