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This Household Item Can Help Clean Your Ceiling Fan – LifeSavvy

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Let’s be honest, there are a lot of household chores that are less than enjoyable. Perhaps one of the worst is when the dust gets on your face while you’re cleaning the ceiling fan. It turns out, however, that a common household item can help.

According to Clean that up! on TikTok, a pillowcase is the perfect tool to get all that dust off your ceiling fan, and avoid your face and hair being coated at the same time.

While this may not be a new tip for some, it has racked up some serious views on the video-sharing platform and found a whole new audience. This was one of the first tips published by Clean That up! and has since amassed over 224,000 likes with people recreating the hack on their own platforms.

If you’re not familiar with the trick, how exactly do you use a pillowcase to clean a ceiling fan?


This was one of my first cleaning hack videos i shared on tiktok last year. I am touched by the love and support. Thank you my fellow clean freaks💚

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All you have to do is take an old, empty (and easily washable) pillowcase and slip it over your fan blade. Then, using your hands, remove the pillowcase so it picks up the dust as you go. If you have to go back a second time to get the edges, just put the case back on and run your hands along the sides to pull it off a second time. When you’re done, all dust and debris will be trapped in the case. Take it out, shake it out, then put it in the wash.

Don’t feel like doing laundry ceiling fan cleaning? There are actually several ways to clean a ceiling fan, so you can always opt for a different technique. The sky, or else, the ceiling is the limit.