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The Surprising Cost of Leaving Your Home Electronics on Standby | Personal finance | Finance


The cost of living crisis continues to impact Britons, with everything from your weekly groceries to your energy bills rising in price. These costs are unavoidable, however, there are key ways to reduce your energy consumption to save money – and you can start today.

Energy bills will rise 54% in April when regulator OFGEM said the energy price cap would rise.

It could drive up your energy bills by a staggering £693 a year.

There are programs in place to help pay the bills, with the government announcing more than £9billion in loans will be available to households in England, Scotland and Wales.

However, you can lower your own prices if you make key changes to the house.

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Other electronics can also drain your power – so it’s best to turn them off rather than leave them on.

Using a plug-in baby monitor and leaving it plugged in will cost you £4.87 a year.

If you work from home and rely on your printer, leaving it plugged in will add £6.50 a year to your energy bill.

And while it might seem like a small cost, leaving your phone charger plugged in but not charging your phone can cost 32 pence a year.

If you have four phones and chargers for each in your house, that’s £1.28 a year.

So turning off your electronics at the outlet when not in use can save you money in the long run.

There are also other ways to save money on your energy bills, with personal finance experts Ocean Finance giving their best advice.

1. Install a free smart meter to save up to £36 a year

Installing a smart meter could save you £36.93 a year on gas and electricity, according to the government’s cost-benefit analysis of rolling out smart meters.

2. Take a marine shower to save £80 a year

Taking a sea shower means limiting yourself to just three minutes of hot water.

You can go down to three minutes by lathering up all your soap and shampoo with the shower off, then back on to rinse.

Cutting your shower time from 10 minutes to three can save you up to £80 a year, so it’s definitely worth a try.

3. Use these tricks to save £53 a year

Washing machines use a lot of water and energy to wash and spin all your dirty clothes.

To save money, consider washing your clothes between 30°C and 40°C to reduce the amount of energy your machines have to expend to heat the water.

Also try hanging your laundry to air dry – this requires no energy, while using a clothes dryer can significantly increase your energy costs.

Plus it can save you a third on your energy bills, and at £160 a year that equates to a saving of £53.

4. Regularly bleed your radiators

You can increase the heat emitted by your radiators by bleeding them as needed.

If they work efficiently, you won’t need to keep your central heating on for so long.