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The ‘Rabla’ program for household appliances will start next month with vouchers between 200 and 400 RON


The ‘Rabla’ program for appliances or household appliances will start next month, and people could receive vouchers worth between 200 and 400 RON if they decide to replace their old electrical appliances with new and low-cost ones. energy consumption, according to an order published by the Ministry of the Environment.

The value of vouchers starts from 200 RON for A++ energy efficient washing machines, increases to 300 RON for A+++ energy efficient washing machines, A+++/A++ energy efficient air conditioners or A++ energy efficient refrigerators/refrigeration units/cool boxes and can reach 400 RON for refrigerators/refrigerated batteries/refrigerated boxes A+++.

As part of the Rabat program for household appliances, financing is granted in the form of vouchers for the purchase of electrical and electronic household appliances with energy efficiency class A++, A+++ in the following categories: washing machines, refrigerators/ freezers/freezers and air conditioners.

“We chose to start the program with these three types of equipment because they are the most present in the homes of Romanians, they are the biggest consumers of energy and they are the types of equipment that people have the most. hard to throw away. Depending on the interest shown in the program, it will be supplemented with other types of equipment,” said Deputy Prime Minister Gratiela Gavrilescu, Minister of the Environment.

According to the official, this is an entirely new program, where the authorities estimate that more than 60,000 old and used equipment will be replaced with new energy-efficient devices.

In order to qualify for funding, after the publication of the Minister’s Order in the Official Gazette, users must access the electronic application on the Environmental Fund Administration website and follow the steps of the program until their success.

Subsequently, the candidates will go to one of the validated merchants, where they will buy the required equipment. The amount financed is deducted by the merchant from the total invoice value of the equipment purchased under the program (VAT included), and the difference will be borne by the individual, from his own resources.

“It is important to note that the individual benefits from the value of a voucher when purchasing eligible equipment in exchange for the discount of equivalent old used equipment. The exchange is done in a 1:1 system,” Gavrilescu said.

Thus, more equipment can be purchased in exchange for the return of an equivalent number of old used equipment, thus benefiting from several vouchers, but not more than one for each category.

At the time of handing over the newly acquired material, the trader will take back the old material, which is confiscated in exchange for the voucher.

Merchants wishing to participate in the Program and meeting the criteria set out in the financing guide can register by submitting the electronic validation file after the publication of the ministerial decree and the start of the registration session to validate merchants.

The Ministry of the Environment has published on the institution’s website the draft decree of the Minister approving the guide for financing the national program for the replacement of used electrical and electronic equipment with more energy-efficient products – Rabla for Appliances. The project is in public consultation for a period of 10 days, during which interested natural and legal persons may submit opinions, suggestions, comments or suggestions for modifications. The program will begin after the end of the public comment period.