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The Electric Genesis G80 can power your home appliances


The first fully electric Genesis is here in the form of the Electrified G80 and, yes, that’s its official name. Other than a stuck grille incorporating the charging port, it looks like the regular G80 inside and out and gets a frankly underwhelming 265-mile range claimed by the manufacturer.

What is remarkable, however, is the fact that this car comes equipped with Vehicle Charging to Charge (V2L), turning this car into a 3.6kW mobile generator capable of powering things like dryers. hair, PlayStation and maybe even charge another electric car. By the way, 3.6 kW is a lot of electricity, all things considered. For comparison, the standard Pro Power Onboard generator in the Ford F-150 Hybrid is only good for 2.4 kW, an amount that the Blue Oval says is enough to power the tools and saws needed to build a wooden deck, or the speakers, popcorn maker, and projector needed to play a neighborhood movie for 85 hours, starting with a full tank of gas. It can also make a very good mobile kitchen.

How long an electric G80-powered movie night or pop-up taco stand would last remains to be seen – how many screenings of Zack Snyder’s Justice League will it last? But either way, it’s pretty amazing that Genesis thought about incorporating this into their first electric vehicle, especially since Tesla still voids warranties if owners use their vehicles “as a stationary power source.” This should be a standard thing on all electrified cars in the future and we can’t think of any good practical reasons why it shouldn’t or wouldn’t … except, you know, the cost.

It’s easy to think of typical use cases for an on-board generator on something like the F-150 that’s regularly seen on construction sites and the like, but I’m not sure what the average Genesis G80 driver would do with it. its on-board watts. Dyson air purifier to make the outdoors less … outdoors? Nespresso machine at home so they don’t have to endure the dreck served to the poor at motorway service stations? If you think of any good ones, sound off in the comments below.

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