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The demand for water filtration products and household medical devices has increased the company’s turnover Laica Romania


SRL Medical Commercial Areasole distributor of LAICA brand products on the Romanian market, announces a 14% increase in turnover in 2021, with sales of 2.4 million euros.

For 2022, the company estimates an increase of around 10%. Sales growth was supported by lifestyle changes in customer consumption behavior during the pandemic.

The pandemic context has accelerated the adoption of certain consumer trends in the area of ​​health, personal well-being and environmental impact, as consumers are increasingly attentive to their quality of life. This trend was also visible in Romania, where sales of water filtration and personal health monitoring equipment increased.

“Since the start of the pandemic, we have seen dramatic increases in sales of water filter jugs. Subsequent developments have confirmed that certain consumption behaviors have changed, with the upward trend also continuing in 2021, both for filter jugs and for sales of filter cartridges. It also showed us that new customers continue to use the filter jugs purchased during the restrictions. Sales of household medical products have also been strongly affected by the pandemic: on the one hand, due to the restrictions imposed, the demand for medical devices for the treatment of respiratory viruses has decreased, but the demand for the Laica pulse oximeter – product introduced in the range in the summer of 2020, has increased dramatically. With the reduction or elimination of restrictions, the demand for aerosol therapy equipment has begun to increase. At the same time, over the past two years we have seen a slight but steady increase in demand for the other categories of medical devices: thermometers and blood pressure monitors,” said Eduard Pârvu, Sales Manager Medical Shopping Zone.

In the local market, of Laica’s total sales, between 50 and 55% represent sales through online stores and pharmacies, and between 40 and 45% of sales through physical stores and pharmacies. Medical Shopping Zone achieves 90% of sales through merchant partners and 10% are direct sales to individuals, through the online distribution channel www.laicashop.ro, but also through marketplace platforms such as emag.ro or live. ro.

Laica Romania estimates that this year there will be an increase in sales of around 10%. In 2022, the company is also focusing on health and wellness products, water filtration and kitchen appliances. In addition, the company aims to develop the line intended for the daily well-being of babies and small children by diversifying the range of products. LAICA continues to innovate, so that new products, new technologies, as well as raw materials and product packaging are constantly evolving, in an approach that incorporates the principles of eco-sustainability and resource saving.

“There is a growing concern for environmentally friendly products with little impact on the environment. The range of water filtration products and vacuum packaging machines developed by LAICA respond directly to this need. Our portfolio includes filter jugs with electronic cartridge change indicator, but also filter jugs with mechanical indicator, ecological, without batteries or electronic components.This concern for adopting behaviors that respect the environment and are sustainable for the planet has also been transmitted to the brand’s customers, so that at the level of sales in 2021, of the total number of filter jugs sold, 66.5% are filter jugs with an eco-mechanical indicator and 5% filter jugs with an electronic indicator.

In addition, we have a special new product in the range – the LAICA MikroPlastik-Stop water filter jug, which removes plastic microparticles that may be present in tap water due to global plastic pollution. The packaging of this product is made of recycled paper”, continues Eduard Pârvu, Sales Manager Medical Shopping Zone.

Laica Romania offers its customers the possibility of recovering used filter cartridges on the laicashop.ro website: https://www.laicashop.ro/colectare_filtre.