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The 10 most expensive household appliances


Appliances are very important. Without them, it would be quite difficult to do some of the most basic things, like cooking or washing clothes. Since such things are so important in the daily life of many people, they can be very expensive.

Many of the more expensive home appliances have some really cool features, so it’s easy to see why they’re priced so high. The Electrolux Titanium Front Load Laundry Pair washer and dryer set is quite expensive, but that’s because it has nine different cycles and gives users the option to schedule their laundry to be washed at a certain time.

This is just one of many very expensive household items. Here are the most expensive things you can buy for your home.

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ten Thermomix Food Processor – $1,400

$1,400 seems like a lot of money to spend on a single appliance, but the Thermomix Food Processor is worth its hefty price tag. It’s not just an ordinary food processor. Those who have one of these probably don’t need a kitchen scale, blender, blender, steamer, or slow cooker because it does all the they can do.

Since this item is so good at multitasking, it’s also a good one to buy if he wants more space on his counters. Buying this processor is also a great way to save money, as it is capable of several things.

9 Wolf Sub-Zero Freezer Drawers – $4,250

Everyone likes to keep food cold sometimes, but $4,250 is still a lot to pay for these Sub-Zero Wolf Freezer drawers, which are designed to do just that. These things are pretty cool, though.

Anyone who has these drawers probably has plenty of room in their fridge since they probably store their leftovers there. These drawers are custom made which means they can blend into any kitchen they are a part of.

Their sleek design, along with their great ability to keep things cool, is the reason they cost so much. But their high price is likely to prevent many people from buying them.

8 The Fantastic Citrocasa Orange Juicer – $6,300

People who prefer to drink freshly squeezed juice might want to check out the Citrocasa Fantastic Orange Juicer, which is worth $6,300. This machine is very expensive, but those who regularly enjoy juicing will probably find it well worth it.

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The Citrocasa Fantastic Orange Juicer is very easy to clean and supposedly takes up much less space than other juicers. It can also squeeze twice as much juice, as it squeezes oranges three hundred percent harder than other juicers. These things are usually seen in businesses, but some wealthy people have them in their homes as well.

7 Mugnaini Wood Fired Pizza Oven – $8,500

Pizza lovers will definitely love the Mugnaini wood-fired oven, which costs $8,500. Anyone who has never eaten wood-fired pizza must give it a try, because this type of pizza usually tastes better than any other type.

This oven always produces delicious pizza every time it is used. Pizza may not seem like a high-end type of meal to cook, but this oven really makes it feel like it is. This oven, which has a surface area of ​​approximately forty-seven inches, does more than pizza. Those who like to make homemade bread can also use it.

6 La Cornue Rotisserie – $10,000

Big fans of rotisserie oven-baked meat will probably love the La Cornue rotisserie, which costs $10,000. It’s certainly a lot of money to spend on just one item, but it’s worth the high price tag.

This item comes with a fitted tray, as well as two rotisserie spits. This allows the user to cook multiple things at once, instead of waiting for one thing to cook at a time. This means that anyone who owns it can roast vegetables while roasting meat. The La Cornue rotisserie allows users to roast any type of meat they like, as it has heat circulation control.

5 The Vinotemp Macau 1450 Wine Cooler – $15,078.90

The Vinotemp Macau 1450 wine cooler costs around £12,500, which is roughly $15,078.90. It’s quite a hefty price tag, but those who collect wine will likely find it quite useful, as well as luxurious.

There are three different versions of this item, and they each have a different finish. Anyone interested in buying it should know that this thing is quite large, and that’s because it can hold around 960 bottles of wine. This article is for those who take their wine collection very seriously. Once a bottle is placed inside, it is kept at a cool temperature at all times.

4 Kalamazoo 900 Series Freestanding Hybrid Grill with Side Burner – $15,895

The Kalamazoo 900 Series stand-alone hybrid grill with a side burner is $15,895. Those who own a grill like this will probably make all of their neighbors jealous because it’s so much nicer than many other grills.

Owners of this grill don’t have to choose between cooking with gas, wood or charcoal. This item allows users to cook with all of them at once, which is part of what makes this grill better than any others on the market. This thing also has a side burner, which means multitasking isn’t out of the question.

3 Venus Century Espresso Machine – $18,696.90

The Venus Century Espresso Machine is capable of making wonderful coffee, and that’s why it costs £15,500, which translates to $18,696.90. But the quality of coffee this machine is capable of making isn’t the only reason its price is so high.

This machine is a collector’s item since it was created in honor of the 100and anniversary of the Victoria Arduino company. This machine is also extremely limited, since only 100 of them have been created. The Venus Century Espresso Machine doesn’t look that expensive on the outside, but those who like high-quality coffee will probably like it.

2 Velocity HP1000 Tanning Bed – $33,999

The Velocity HP1000 tanning bed is currently the most expensive tanning bed in the world and costs $33,999. It’s not hard to see why this item is so expensive, as it also cools down while it tans the people who use it.

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This machine gives high quality tans, and anyone using it can also listen to music at the same time. There are four subwoofer speakers located inside this tanning bed, and users can also connect their iPod to it and listen to some of their favorite tunes while tanning. Sure, it’s far from an average household appliance – and most people are aware of the dangers of tanning these days – but some still think it’s worth the money.

1 La Cornue Grand Palais range – $50,000

The La Cornue Grand Palais range costs $50,000 and is worth every penny. There are a lot of things that make these things so great, including the fact that they come in 16 colors.

Part of what makes these things so expensive is the fact that each one is covered in porcelain enamel, as well as a stainless steel countertop. These stoves certainly don’t look cheap at all.

These stoves are so great that the Le Cordon Bleu school in Paris does not use any other stove. Once a person owns one, it would be hard to go back to other stoves.

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