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The 10 home appliances most likely to catch fire – and the washing machine is surprisingly high on the list


We assume that the home appliances most likely to catch on fire are things like an old kettle. Or, maybe something like Christmas tree lights or a hair straightener left on too long. Corn Electric DirectThe list revealing the ten appliances most likely to start a fire includes unexpected items, including the fridge-freezer and the washing machine.

Curious to see what else the list made? Keep reading.

Home appliances most likely to catch fire

1 Stove, including oven

2 Heating ring / plate (separate device)

3 Grill / toaster

4 microwave

5 tumble dryer

6 Washing machine

7 Fridge / freezer

8 Dishwasher

9 Fryer

10 Extractor fan

Often times, fires are caused when the items have developed a defect. “If you notice that an appliance is not functioning properly, be sure to seek professional help when looking to have it fixed,” advises Dominick Sandford, director of Electric Direct. “Trying to repair an appliance yourself can lead to further damage, increasing the risk of fire and even electric shock. “

The electrical appliance retailer’s research showed that the stove, including the oven, was the number one cause, with the griddle or griddle coming in second. The first five items don’t come as a huge surprise considering they all generate heat.

However, the washing machine, which is next on the list at number 6, is higher on the list than you might expect. Last year, Whirlpool recalled many Hotpoint and Indesit washing machines because a problem with the door mechanism made them become a fire hazard. Some washing machine doors overheated because of the blackout, causing fires in around 80 UK homes.

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AT Real houseswe’re also surprised to see the fridge and freezer on the list, as we tend to think of them as perfectly safe. At least we never feel the need to turn off the wall mounted fridge when we go on vacation, but we certainly turn off our toaster and kettle.

Home appliances cause a total of 38 fires per day in England and caused 15,000 fires between April 2019 and March 2020. So how is it? According to Electrical Direct, the most common causes of accidental appliance fires are placing household items too close to heat sources, improper use of appliances, and reported faults.

As a result, ElectricDirect urges people to make sure they register new devices on Register My Appliance and keep tabs on UK government Product recall page.


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“Make sure new devices are registered so that manufacturers can contact you with any issues,” says Dominick Sandford.