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Stone Appliances on the Brink of Extinction: Watch


Stone appliances are on the verge of extinction. Previously, these devices were used in the homes of Odisha to prepare tasty dishes. By using these things, the dishes would have an exotic taste and aroma. However, the weather has changed. In the modern era, we hardly witness such devices in homes. While in the villages they are still used, many people prefer them to prepare ingredients for food. Here is a special report from Kalinga TV.

For a long time, many household items used for different purposes in homes have been made of stone. With the advent of modern times, many of these items have been replaced by iron, steel, plastic and other materials. Even, many of them now have the electric version of these items. However, some people still love certain traditional items because of their uniqueness.

Previously, stone grinding wheel was used to crush grain, paddy, etc. Things such as cardamom, garlic, ginger, pepper, chili peppers as well as other common cooking ingredients could be crushed with it. Now this has been replaced by the electric grinder.

Previously Grindstone, Ghorana (Ruben), Shila-shilapua/Sil Batta (Mortar and Pestle), Grinding Board, Dhinki, etc. were used in homes. However, these days we hardly see its use in homes.

Even earlier, these items were given as a dowry. Nowadays too, it is sometimes given as a dowry. Yet it is now only used to carry on tradition and custom. These devices are now found in homes, but these are placed in a corner of the house and practically unused.

Many people of current generations may not have seen these devices. These are new to them. From the sound produced by these objects, people could guess the work going on in the house. In rural areas, women have previously been seen using these items in a common place. In addition to work, it was a pleasant time for them because they could chat during work. In addition, they could help each other to prepare the ingredients.

One of these devices is the Dhinki. You can crush cooking ingredients to the perfect fine texture as you like using this traditional equipment.

The dhinki was installed in a specially arranged room, often in the backyard of the house. He was known as Dhinkisala. Dhinki was usually kept by the financially strong families of a village. It was operated by humans. Women squeeze one end of the dhinki bar with their feet. They hold a hanging rope close to their hand for balance. It is used to produce rice from paddy, to produce rolled rice, etc.

Great care must be taken when using a dhinki. You have to press low or high on the bar to get different products. Another person sits at the other end of the Dhinki bar, who continues to put the ingredients inside the hole, after each hit. In this process, once the bar goes down, you have to remove your hand; otherwise, it will crush your hand and hurt you.

We hardly find any dhinki or dhinkisala in anyone’s house these days. Now we use ingredients produced in mills. Moreover, since now the families are small, there are not many people to work in the dhinki. And coming to urban areas, where houses are counted by square footage, there is hardly any room left to put a dhinki in a house. In addition, there are restrictions imposed by the Forest Department.

With the extinction of these household appliances, the professionals who made these items lost their trade.

People say that things produced with these traditional things are unique. Even in some cases, doctors advise using these products. However, nowadays all these elements have been replaced by modern equipment which does not require manpower.

However, there are people who like to follow their hereditary profession. They make these stone items and there are definitely people who love these stone devices. Given the demand of these people, traders are making new things.

These traditional items were not only used to produce ingredients, but by working with such items women got the physical exercise necessary for good health.

Times have changed and the passion to produce more in a short time has led to the discovery of many electrical devices to replace old objects. In the next few days, these objects may only be found in museum galleries. However, it is true that these objects have brought a lot to society.

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