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Simple household item costing £3 that could help dry clothes faster and cut energy bills


ONE EVERYDAY household item you can buy for as little as £3 could help lower your energy bills.

The average dual-fuel energy bill rose to £2,500 a year on October 1, putting pressure on household budgets.


The TikToker put a sheet on his laundry to help dry clothes
This clever trick was posted online


This clever trick was posted online

While millions of billpayers will get £400 off their bills this winter, many are still looking for ways to cut costs.

There are dozens of gadgets like smart plugs that can help cut costs – but using a simple bed sheet to dry your clothes could also save you money.

TikTok user wizzabeff shared a video on the social media platform of her drying rack covered in a sheet and nestled on the radiator.

In a caption next to the video, she wrote: “Hang a duvet over an air vent and slide it in your radiator…dry the clothes baby.”

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It works by creating a pocket of warm air in which your clothes can dry.

Using this method as an alternative to using a clothes dryer can help you save money.

Using a tumble dryer costs around 85p per hour of use.

As always, this will depend on the exact device you have, how often you use it and for how long, but this estimate is based on 2500W usage.

Shell Energy experts say you could save a small fortune by not using it three times a week anymore.

Elvin Nagamootoo, energy product manager at Shell Energy: “If you have an energy efficient heat pump tumble dryer not using it could save you £70 a year, but if you have a condenser or dryer – energy-hungry ventilated laundry, you could save three times as much.

If you already have heating this winter, using a bed sheet won’t cost you a penny more – other than the cost of buying a clothes horse and bed sheet.

We found a bed sheet on sale at Asda for £3 and B&M sell sheets in a range of colors for £4.

Clothes drying racks vary in price depending on their size, for example we found a three tier drying rack for £17.99 at The Range.

We also found a very similar device on sale at Argos for £15.

But if you don’t feel like using a bed sheet for this method, you can try using a heated electric dryer.

With prices starting under £40, a freestanding drying rack can pay for itself in no time.

A plug-in rack costing 10 pence an hour to run will add up to £52 a year if you use it for ten hours a week.

If not, how can I reduce my energy bills?

The most obvious way to save money is to choose to hang your laundry on a drying rack – or outside – to let it dry naturally instead.

It won’t cost you a dime, but with temperatures dropping as fall hits, keep in mind that your load may take longer to dry.

You could also save money on washing your clothes.

Who? calculated that the average washing machine costs around £38 a year to do four washes a week.

If you lowered the temperature to 30°C it would only cost £25 saving you £13 and lowering it to 20°C will set you back around £14 to run saving you £24 .

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