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Residents of Adur and Worthing can recycle old electrical appliances alongside household waste


From today (Monday 3 October), residents of Adur and Worthing can recycle small broken electrical and electronic items by placing them next to their trash can or recycling bin on collection day.

Adur and Worthing Council’s refuse and recycling vehicles have all been fitted with a separate cage to collect electronics.

This means that weekly collections can take place, so residents can be sure their items are being recycled.

Small items that can be recycled this way include laptops, kettles, irons, hair dryers and more.

These items often contain precious metals and it is estimated that every year Britons throw away a total of £850 million worth of recoverable precious metals.

According to the councils, the environmental benefit of recycling these items is also equivalent to taking 1.3 million cars off the road.

The advice also says research suggests that every UK household has around 20 unwanted electrical devices in their home.

It is requested that all batteries be removed from electrical appliances before they are left for collection to avoid fire.

All large items, such as washing machines, can be recycled via the municipality’s bulky waste service or can be taken to the landfill.


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