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Request for help with household chores by father and son complains about child labor in China


In China, household chores have been excluded from the scope of child labor laws.

In China’s Anhui province, where a 14-year-old son reportedly lodged a complaint with the police to arrest his father after asking his son to finish some household chores.

Often, children skip homework or are unwilling to help the elderly with household chores due to their addiction to smartphones. In such a situation, parents are forced to treat them strictly. A similar case occurred in China’s Anhui Province, where a man asked his 14-year-old son to help him complete some household chores. But things took a shocking turn when the boy, instead of obeying his father, reportedly filed a complaint with the police to arrest him.

This bizarre incident took place last week in Ma’anshan City, Anhui Province. According to local media, a parent was fed up with seeing his son’s hands and eyes glued to the smartphone. Due to his addiction, the boy often ignored his homework and studies. Worried about this, her father decided to give her a taste of life’s hardships. He took his smartphone with him and asked him to do some household chores. A

angry at his father’s behavior, the son snuck out of the house while his father was not paying attention and went straight to the local police station. There, he allegedly accused his father of having forced him into “illegal child labor”.

Hearing the accusation of the teenager, the police officer accompanied him to his home to better understand the situation. When he met his father, he told him about the allegations his son had made to him. The stunned parent then began to explain the real situation to him. He clarified that he picked up his son’s cell phone only to distract his attention for a while.

Under Chinese law, household chores are not classified as child labor. So the man was not put behind bars. Instead, the officer supported his decision to remove the boy’s smartphone to discipline him. However, he was stunned by the boy’s response. The teenager reportedly told the cop that if he thinks he only has “that cell phone” then he’s a jerk.

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