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Recycling of electronic household appliances launched in Moscow


Disposal of electronics and household appliances has started in Russia with a new law. According to the law, disposal can only be carried out at special sites from March 1. There is a separate container for everything here where furniture, light bulbs or plastic are thrown away. Used car tires can also be deposited here. This disposal site opened about six months ago. Electronic waste from here is treated by the company “ORIS PROM”. The second life of waste begins with this artificial hill, which is replenished by a special handler. About 1000 tons of unwanted devices are waiting here to be processed. Used electronic devices are delivered here centrally by special vehicles. Processing begins after sorting – company employees select items with special quality plastic. Today there are more than ten. and then, just the most popular. Dismantling is the next step – plastic parts here are separated from electronic filling, they are sought in specialized companies. The company takes the waste even at night. They process about 2 tons a day, and soon, in the next month, there will be about twice as much, the company is sure.

March 15, 2022, 2:50 PM IST