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Recycling household appliances in Lisbon – The Portugal News


The collection of large household appliances for recycling in Lisbon now covers 13 parishes of the city, without the need to leave the appliances at the door.

This project, developed by Electrão and Lisbon City Hall, began last July in three parishes (Ajuda, Alcântara and Belém) and began to be extended to other areas of the city in September, reaching 13 of the 24 parishes in December: Ajuda, Alcântara, Alvalade, Areeiro, Arroios, Avenidas Novas, Beato, Belém, Campolide, Marvila, Olivais, Parque das Nações and Santo António.

Initially, those who wanted to request this free service (via the telephone number 808 20 32 32) had to drop off their devices for collection at the door on the agreed day.

However, household appliances are now collected indoors, Electrão pointed out in a published statement.

“Whether in the kitchen or in the garage, we take them to recycling. This is the motto of the project”, reads the text.

By operating in this way, the service overcomes “one of the big hurdles” in collecting large appliances which, due to their size and weight, are difficult to move and place on the doorstep of a house or of a building, Electrão said.

On the other hand, it is a way to prevent the theft or damage of large household appliances on public roads, which normally contain polluting substances, by ensuring that they are properly sent for recycling, they added. .

As part of this project, “between July and November, around 20 tons of large household appliances were collected, which involved a total of 252 collections”, Electrão revealed.

“In November alone, it was possible to collect six tonnes. During this period, there were 97 collection requests,” he added.

“The order can only be placed if there are large electrical equipment to collect, but we always confirm whether the citizen has other disused equipment, such as small appliances, light bulbs or batteries to collect, in order to take advantage of synergies,” said Electrão CEO Pedro Nazareth.

Electrão – Waste Management Association is the entity responsible for collection and recycling systems for packaging waste, batteries and used electrical equipment.