Home Household items Prime Day 2022 has tons of household items on sale (yes, paper towels and toilet paper!)

Prime Day 2022 has tons of household items on sale (yes, paper towels and toilet paper!)


You can have your offers on video doorbells and Fire TV sticks.

We will take the practical household items on sale.

Yes, Amazon’s Prime Day 2022 is an online shopping fanatic’s paradise, with big discounts on thousands of items – and most of them more exciting than paper towels and toilet paper.

But more practical? Doubtful.

That’s why we pass smart tvs on sale and go straight to household items. Here are some thefts you can find throughout the Prime Day sale:

Toilet paper and paper towels: Amazon has an entire section dedicated to “everyday essentials”, where you can stock up toilet paper and paper napkinsas well as medicines and garbage bags.

Diapers and baby wipes: Diaper prices aren’t going to drop any time soon, so when you see a sale, you need to take advantage of it. You can mark a pack with a two-month supply of diapers and wipes for around 20% off.

Robot vacuum cleaners: OK, that might be a bit of a luxury, but if you get tired of cleaning, there are massive discounts on older models of the Shark robot vacuum seriesas good as the iRobot Roomba.

Mops and Buckets: Whatever your budget, Amazon offers several options among the Easy to advanced technology. It also offers discounts on top brands which can be expensive at other times of the year, such as Rubbermaid, Good and O-cedar.

Air purifiers: Allergies seem to get worse every year, and an air purifier is a great way to combat them and save yourself endless days of runny or stuffy noses. Amazon’s inventory has price as low as $42and even if you want one for a larger roomthere are notable discounts.

Air conditioners, fans, heaters, humidifiers and dehumidifiers: Getting two for the price of one is always a better deal. Amazon’s heaters and coolers include multiple twos, like this one Dreo humidifier and oscillating fanthis GE Portable Dehumidifier Air Conditionerthis Frigidaire air conditioner and window heater and that Levoit Essential Oil Humidifier and Diffuser.

Irons and ironing boards: We go out more often now, so you won’t be able to avoid ironing your wrinkled shirts any longer. Irons and ironing board have deep markdowns, and there is this 3 compartment laundry sorter with foldable ironing board as another useful combo item.

Bins and bags: For something that contains trash, trash cans can get quite expensive. Amazon has a few options on sale for your kitchen and bathroom that are sleek and space-saving, like this one bathroom trash can with toilet brush holder.

Amazon Prime Day is a two-day extravaganza of sales and promotions sponsored by the online giant, and ends on July 13.


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