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patna: rising fuel prices hit household spending | Patna News

PATNA: Soaring fuel prices have a multiplier effect on household spending. As people reduced their spending on a few food items, restaurants increased their prices.
Petrol prices in Patna fluctuate between Rs 105 and Rs 117 per liter and diesel costs around Rs 102 per litre, negatively impacting even household kitchens. “I prefer to cook paneer at home only when the kids insist on going to a restaurant. Cooking at home is always cheaper. Also, I cook noodles instead of chicken or mushrooms on weekends,” said Heera Devi, housewife at Raja Bazaar.
Restaurant and hotel owners are also feeling the pinch of rising prices. “Our income has dropped because we are investing twice in LPG cylinders, oil and transport. Previously, the 19 kg LPG cylinder was charged at Rs 1,400 which now costs Rs 2,500. Similarly, I used to buy refined oil cartoon at Rs1,200. Now it costs 2000 rupees. Gasoline and diesel already increase the cost component. We had 40 workers in the pre-Covid era, but it was reduced to 30 to manage expenses due to rising prices,” said Dilip Kumar, a restaurant owner in SK Puri.
He added: “I can neither raise the price nor lower the quality of the food as it will affect customer attendance.”
Students are also affected by the price hike as they claim that food prices, even in university canteens, have risen. “The price of a samosa has been increased to Rs 10. Even 500ml mineral water costs Rs 10. I rarely go to restaurants and cafes these days because all my pocket money goes to satisfying my needs fundamental and unavoidable,” said Neha Bharti, an undergraduate student. at Patna Women’s College. She added, “I prefer bus to autorickshaw to go to university because the fare is relatively cheaper. Previously, I paid Rs7 for the autorickshaw, now it costs Rs12.”
Office workers also said they were very harassed due to soaring fuel prices. Vivek Kumar, a state government employee in Patna, said, “I spend Rs 3,000 a month on fuel just to get to my office, which is quite expensive. We must promote public transport, including buses and the metro. It will also help reduce air pollution.
Electrical appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators and washing machines are now just a luxury. Anand Kumar, owner of an electronics store in Boring Canal Road, said: “The price of copper, aluminum, iron, fiber and other raw materials is rising, due to which the starting price of alternating current went from Rs26,000 to Rs30,000. or even more.