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Over 2,900 unregistered home appliances sold online this year


SINGAPORE: More than 2,900 home appliances sold on major e-commerce platforms this year were unregistered, the Consumer Product Safety Office (CPSO) said on Friday (December 17th).

These items – which were available through Amazon, Carousell, Ezbuy, Lazada, Qoo10, and Shopee Singapore – also did not carry a valid SECURITY mark.

Appliances, which are classified as controlled goods, must be registered with the CPSO to receive a unique SAFETY mark number. Sellers will then receive a valid seal to affix to their products.

The CPSO said the unregistered products were identified as a result of its efforts to monitor and investigate consumer complaints received between January and November of this year.

The e-commerce platforms involved have since written off unregistered home appliances, the CPSO said. Fines or warnings have also been imposed on sellers of unregistered products.

Among the top five categories of unregistered home appliances sold online that did not meet regulatory requirements were power adapters, portable power outlets, and cooking appliances such as toasters, grills and hobs. .

The other categories are hair care devices such as hairdryers, as well as liquid heaters which include kettles and hot water dispensers.

According to the CPSO website, household products such as home computer systems, table lamps and irons also require the SAFETY mark, which indicates that the product design has been tested and certified to meet applicable safety standards. .

CPSO Director Ms. Beatrice Wong urged consumers to remain vigilant and carry out appropriate checks on products and sellers when shopping online.

“This is especially important when purchasing household appliances classified as controlled goods, as those that do not meet safety requirements may present fire hazards, both mechanical and electrical,” she added.

Those found guilty of supplying unregistered controlled goods face a prison sentence of up to two years, a fine of up to S $ 10,000, or both.