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Organizing Options to Put Chores on the Right Track — RISMedia


Organizing and continually cleaning your home can be a chore. Putting your household to work and making sure every member contributes fairly can sometimes feel overwhelming. If you want to get your kids involved in chores, or just want a way to track odd jobs to make sure they’re done more regularly, these organization options can help you get your chores on the right track. way.

Home chore app
For a tech-savvy individual, couple, or household with older members, a chores app can be a fun and easy way to keep track of daily and household chores. Some apps will simply remind members to complete assigned tasks, while others will turn task completion into a game. Find the right app for your family and you may find that additional tasks are completed so members competitive household members can accumulate points.

For a classic way to log chores, the whiteboard is a no-brainer. Easy to navigate for even the youngest members of the family, a whiteboard can keep track of who’s doing what and when. Keep it simple for younger members or use a rotating schedule for adults and teens who need variety. Having a large whiteboard ensures that no one can miss their assigned tasks.

large wall calendar
For a colorful version of a classic wall chore chart, use a large wall calendar and color coordination. Chores should be grouped according to the number of attendees in your home; assign a color to each group. Instead of assigning one person the same task group all the time, each person should rotate task groups every week. Color your calendar accordingly so that each household member knows what tasks they have for that particular week.

Chore Chart Set
Everyone loves a good game, and while a chore game might not be on the agenda at your next party, a game can make assigning and completing chores more fun and fair. Buy a spinning wheel with divided segments and assign tasks to each section. Let everyone spin a few times to select their tasks for the week. Keep it simple by doing just a few right spins, or keep it fairer by requiring each member to spin until they land on a few “hard” and “easy” tasks.