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#NewNormal: Tired of household chores? Delhi-NCR folks put robot cleaners to work | Latest Delhi News


Robot cleaners are the novelty in cleaning. With most city dwellers giving their housekeepers paid time off, to support them during the lockdown and to deal with homework and homework at the same time, queries for these robot cleaners are on the rise across various online platforms. And the people of Delhi-NCR say these robot cleaners are a godsend, especially for households with small children or pets.

With working from home becoming the norm, getting a robot to do the housework has become a necessity for Meena Kapoor, a freelance writer based in Delhi. She explains, “It’s a lot of floor space, so I ended up cleaning two rooms every two or three days (in the absence of my housekeeper). For a while I was able to tolerate it, but not regularly. Then my housekeeper also developed a serious spinal problem, which made me start researching robot vacuums. I have a lot of friends overseas who have robots and who were aware that these things exist. A few of my friends here have bought them recently as well. I asked them about their experiences with robot cleaners and then decided to buy myself one online. Now that I have experienced it, I feel like things work better than humans because a robot will collect more dust than a jhadu.

Seema Sandhu, a Gurugram-based radiologist who had no household help for nearly 10 months last year, first bought a vacuum cleaner and recently invested in a robot vacuum. She remembers, “In September we brought home two dogs and my workload increased dramatically. The hand vacuum cleaner takes a long time. So we decided to buy the robot cleaner. You have to map the location of the robot, and it takes some getting used to. It also needs to be charged and sometimes crashes. But if you use both the vacuum cleaner and the robot at the same time, then that’s just perfect!

A robotic vacuum cleaner needs to map the cleaning area before it begins to operate. (Photo: Shutterstock)

For those battling Covid, robot cleaners have been a godsend in disguise. Take for example Ruchi Vidhani, a Gurugram-based business manager who recently purchased such a machine. “I was down with Covid and no one could come into my room to clean it. And I was obviously not in a condition to clean it myself out of exhaustion. That’s when this robot came in handy and got the job done for me. It was a worthwhile purchase that saved me the stress of cleaning issues while I recovered from the illness, ”she says.

Some, like Surbhi M Tangri, a craft merchant, saw this challenge coming and bought a robot cleaner just as the pandemic escalated. “I haven’t kept any domestic help since the pandemic struck last year because both my parents have comorbidities. I gave my housekeeper paid time off and learned to handle things on my own. But when the lockdown was lifted last year, I rushed to buy a dishwasher and a robot cleaner. These gadgets have been a blessing and are well worth it. In fact, now I’m trying to convince my neighbors and friends to buy such cleaners until the new wave of Covid sets in, ”she says.

And there are some who have decided to buy these machines very soon. Paarul Chand, an author, is now researching the options available to purchase a robot cleaner. ” I do not know which ? But I have to buy for sure! We have home help, but when everyone is at home during such lockdowns, it’s extra work for them to meet the demands of each family member and also do the housework. Also, when everyone is at home, the house gets dirty faster than usual. So I can’t wait to buy a robot cleaner that also cleans, because that would be of great help, ”explains the Gurugrammer.

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