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Make your household chores energy efficient


Dealing with household chores is one of the least favorite tasks anyone would want to do in their spare time. But whether we like it or not, they have to be done to keep our home clean and organized. After all, a neat and clean home is essential for your family’s health and well-being.

As household chores are deemed necessary, it is also important to ensure that we do not increase our energy bills in the process. Fortunately, there are ways to save energy while cleaning our homes.

Make changes to your laundry routine

Incorporating changes into your laundry routine is one of the best ways to make your household chores energy efficient. When using a washing machine, make sure every load of laundry is full to save water. After washing your clothes, ditch the dryer and dry your clothes in the sun. Not only can this help you save energy, but you can also benefit from the antibacterial effects of the sun.

This is part of Cebu Daily News Digital’s Earth Hour series as the company joins Earth Hour 2021.

Let go of the void

Many of us appreciate the convenience of using a vacuum cleaner when cleaning, but when not used properly, vacuum cleaners can consume more energy than usual. To save electricity, replace the vacuum cleaner with a broom when cleaning wooden and tiled floors. When you need to use the vacuum, be sure to clean the bag and its filter to make sure it works efficiently. If its dust collector is full, the device can work harder and consume more electricity.

Reduce your ironing

An iron is indeed an essential household appliance for smoothing your clothes, but it is also one of the appliances that consume a large amount of electricity. To save energy, hang up your laundry as soon as the wash cycle is finished. This will reduce wrinkles on your clothes. But when you do need to use the device, avoid using the steam function and use a low heat setting.

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Cook in batches

Cooking one meal at a time, especially if you have a lot of family members, can take a lot of extra energy and time. What you need to do is cook big meals and you can enjoy the leftovers for your next meal and cut down on the work. This can also be applied when making coffee. Since coffee machines require energy, brewing one cup at a time consumes extra energy and unnecessary waste.


This is part of Cebu Daily News Digital’s Earth Hour series as the company joins Earth Hour 2021.

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