Home Household appliances Launch of the 1st household appliance manufacturing plant in Sohag under the title “Made in Egypt”

Launch of the 1st household appliance manufacturing plant in Sohag under the title “Made in Egypt”


Ladies working in the first appliance factory in Sohag

CAIRO – July 11, 2022: The first factor to manufacture household appliances in Upper Egypt has been launched under the name “Made in Egypt”, within the industrial zone of the new city of Sohag.

All components of Egyptian products and produced by Egyptian workers, where the product is sold in Egyptian markets, and in the process of being exported to foreign markets as well.

The end products are of high quality that competes with French and Chinese products, and at competitive prices.


The industrial area of ​​the new town of Sohag is located in the fourth district. It is about 1.5 km from the new town of Sohag. The area of ​​the industrial zone is 97 acres, and the total number of lands in the area is about 307, and the total number of employment opportunities in the area is about 15,000.

Governor of Sohag, Major General Tariq El-Fiqi, said President Abdel-Fattah El-Sissi stressed the need to support the investment system in the governorate, to meet all the needs of investors, to ‘identify their demands and overcome all obstacles ahead. of them, in order to produce national products of a high level of quality, to be competitive on world markets.


This aims to provide employment opportunities for the youth and residents of the governorate.

At the beginning, Nagy Ayoub Gadallah, the factory manager of Sohag governorate, said that the factory has been in the new city of Sohag for 4 years and produces all household products from original raw materials and that all stages of manufacturing were carried out by 100% Egyptian hands. . Factory products are superior to imported products. We use Egyptian engineers and technicians at the highest level And the price is lower than the price of all imported products and is suitable for everyone. We give a guarantee which does not exist anywhere for 5 years and the product is against breakage and thanks to practical experience.

The plant manager added that the plant and the process of its creation were under the directives of President El-Sisi, President of the Republic, and within the framework of Egypt’s Vision 2030, and to encourage investors. .

For his part, Nader Abdel-Zaher, director of the Directorate of Business Development in Sohag Governorate, explained that the Business Development Authority is the entity concerned with the development of small, medium and micro-enterprises in Sohag Governorate.