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Know the correct direction to install AC power and other home electronics


In today’s modern world, electronic devices are so useful to us that we cannot imagine our life without them. In fact, they have made our life easier and more comfortable. Fresh air is supplied into the house by fans, coolers and air conditioners. On top of that, the house is filled with several other electronic devices that made our life easier. However, the locations of electronic items also have a significant impact on the Vastu of the house if the household items are not stored properly and not in accordance with the Vastu Shastra. As a result, the happiness and peace of the house can be disturbed. They also prove to be an obstacle to the growth of the family. Therefore, Kalpesh Shah, Founder and CEO of MyPandit shared some Vastu tips on the perfect direction to eliminate flaws that create a negative environment in the house.


According to Vastu Shastra, installing air conditioners in the wrong direction can create negative results. It can have negative effects on the mind, health and finances.

Air conditioners should be placed in the north or west direction, according to Vastu. This has positive effects. In addition to this, the cooler can also be placed towards the northeast, northwest or east. Therefore, it is essential to keep certain things in mind before installing air conditioners. Also make sure that the water in the cooler is not very dirty and that the noise the cooler makes during operation is not excessive. However, the western direction is not ideal for cooling off as it causes financial problems, so avoid this place.


According to Vastu, for electronics in the kitchen, the southeast direction is the ideal place.
It is best to position the refrigerators in the south, west, southeast or north. Any other placement could have adverse effects on the family and its members.

  • According to Vastu, TVs should be positioned in the southeast direction of the room. However, avoid placing the television in the bedroom as it disturbs the peace and energy of the space and leads to arguments and unhappiness in the family.
  • The best direction for desktops and laptops is the southeast corner. However, also make sure that they should never be placed on the other side of the bed as they carry negative energies which can impact your married life.
  • There are certain energies in every electronic item. Therefore, to ward off negativity and stimulate positivity, it is essential to place the electronic elements in the right direction, according to Vastu.