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KakiRepair and Team Recover Over 230 Household Appliances in Taman Sri Muda to Help Reduce Landfill Waste | Life


STDC volunteers help repair household items, including laptops and electric rice cookers. – Photos via Facebook / Kakidiy

PETALING JAYA, December 31 – Dedicated volunteers from the DIY group KakiRepair have proven that around 90% of household items affected by flooding can be recovered in Taman Sri Muda.

Some of the items the group repaired for free include a laptop, an old rice cooker, and even a robot vacuum.

Talk to Malaysian courierKakiRepair founder Johnson Lam said the initiative was taken to ease the burden on residents of Sri Muda who struggled to cope with the flooding that affected their homes and household items.

“Many are going through a difficult time with the loss of their valuable household items and have to throw them away.

“But we realized that with a lot of things thrown away, it can contribute to an increase in landfill waste and we wanted to prevent that.

“That’s when I decided to call in volunteers and anyone with repair skills to help clean things like microwaves, kettles and even gas stoves.

“And it’s a great feeling to be able to save these items and at the same time help save the environment. “

About 30 to 50 volunteers per day also helped with the cleaning and repair work of Shah Alam’s Dewan MBSA.

The team also successfully relaunched 90 percent of items valued over RM200,000 for repair.

While some of them are volunteers from the KakiRepair Facebook group, others are from the Selangor Technical Skills Development Center (STDC) and Eco Free Market with different departments available such as cleaning and repair departments.

“Sometimes residents would bring their items into the room while other times we had a team of volunteers helping to transport items around the room for delivery to the respective departments.

“For STDC students, they are also able to channel their skills by doing more hands-on work to try and do more repair work while doing a good cause,” he said.

The initiative will end tomorrow.

Anyone interested in helping the team can contact them through their Facebook page.