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It is high time that household chores were also shared by male members!

When it comes to household chores, the responsibility always lies with women. It is generally accepted and accepted that a woman should perform household chores. It’s their “duty” where no one knows who gave them this duty in the first place. Household chores should be a shared responsibility and should not be assigned as a “duty” to one gender. But that has not been the widely accepted narrative.

Women are expected to handle everything, no matter their work schedule, no matter how busy they are. At the end of the day, they have to finish the chores. It is high time to raise our voices and change this narrative. It is high time that men take their share of responsibility.

Here are some reasons why we need to eliminate this unbalanced division of labor on the home front:

She is not a machine

Women are expected to be super women who handle everything perfectly and keep everything intact. The pop culture depiction of a woman with 10 hands managing 10 things at once has given society unrealistic and inappropriate expectations about women and domestic work. This strongly reinforces the belief that it is their duty to do so and it makes them the “ideal woman”.

But it is high time to understand that women are not machines but also human beings. They get tired too. The concept of “superwoman” is only a problematic notion. Men should be equally involved in household chores and both should help each other out.

She is an equal partner in marriage

In a marriage, man and woman are equal partners, so why isn’t the workload equal? Or why is domestic work not even recognized as work? Responsibilities should be shared between two equal partners and not defined by gender roles. In families, this can be seen at all levels, from grandfather and grandmother to brother and sister, the roles are distributed everywhere, women are never considered equal.

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It’s not his duty

The moral policing of women as to what their “duty” is and how they will be bad women if they don’t do it has been going on forever. But it is not only a woman’s duty, it is actually the duty of all family members to run the house. Men’s contribution to household chores is often considered important and even the bare minimum is celebrated.

Men easily get away with these responsibilities just by saying, “He can’t do it.” How will he cook? How will he do the dishes? How will he wash the clothes? As if women were programmed for this.

It’s a life skill

Considering domestic work as the responsibility of one person is problem in so many aspects. Being able to cook and clean up after yourself should be considered a life skill.

Many men spend most of their lives enjoying the benefits of an unbalanced distribution of household chores first in their mother’s shadow and then in their wife’s shadow, they never understand that it’s essential and that they should share it to be better partners.

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This delimitation of duties must end and it is high time to witness the participation of men in domestic tasks. Women are human too! Housework is not their ‘duty’!

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