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I ‘pay’ my husband to do household chores with time to play video games but he says it’s humiliating


A WOMAN has revealed that she rewards her husband for his housework by allowing him to play video games after he’s done, but now she’s getting “bitter.”

Posting on Reddit, the 27-year-old explained that her husband doesn’t work, clean, and only spend his time playing video games.


Wife grows resentful of her husband for refusing to help with household choresCredit: Getty

She said that when she first met her 27-year-old partner, he was a student who focused on studying rather than finding a job, but now that he’s finished school, he “refused” to find work.

“I tried talking to him about helping around the house but he claims he forgets. When I suggest doing chores on the fridge he says it’s humiliating,” she explained.

“The point is, I have internet access because I pay all the bills. I could theoretically shut off his internet until the chores are over, but I think you do with the kids. “

The solution proposed by the woman was to “pay” her husband with hours of video games for the tasks he performed.

That way he works around the house and he continues to play his precious video games, ”she said.

“I laid out what I thought was reasonable compensation for housework because it’s not that hard washing dishes for 90 minutes, taking out the trash for 30 minutes, putting away laundry 2 hours of stuff like that.

“Basically he yells at me, it’s even more humiliating and childish and I’m a big dump ** to even think of it.”

She posted on Reddit to find out what others were thinking. She shared that their friends are divided, with some finding it hilarious and justified, while others say she is in control.

I laid out what I thought was reasonable compensation for housework, because it’s not that hard to wash dishes for 90 minutes, take out the 30 minute trash cans, put away laundry for 2 hours, stuff like that.

The woman went on to explain that as an only child he would inherit everything from his parents, but she never wanted to “bank” his money.

Reddit users were quick to share their thoughts on the situation in the comments.

“She treats him like a child because he acts like one. And it looks like he doesn’t want to change (and no incentive to do so). Why live like that? If you have to do all the chores of anyway, at least only have to do them for one person, “one person commented.

“Yeah… sure it sounds childish. This grown man won’t do his chores and just wants to play games all day,” another commenter said.

Someone else added: “If you have to treat someone like a child just to meet their basic needs, the relationship is already doomed.”

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