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Humble recipe on behalf of the household


From selling pickles on a horse and cart on the streets of Sydney to being one of the country’s most recognizable supermarket brands, Three Threes has built a strong reputation on McAlpine family values ​​for over 100 years. year.

Stanley Roy McAlpine and Winifred Grace began making and selling delicious condiments from their home in 1919. Over time the business grew and they eventually established a factory in Lidcombe which is still in operation today. today.

Three Threes’ extensive product lines cover premium condiments such as pickles, relishes, olives and gourmet table sauces. The now fifth-generation business exclusively supports Australian farmers, sourcing produce from across New South Wales and Queensland.

“We try to focus on locally made products, and everything is processed here. In response to consumer demands for Australian grown pickles and beets, we have also proudly introduced the McAlpine Signature range,” said Three Threes Office Manager Justine McAlpine.

By manufacturing some of Australia’s most iconic household products, Three Threes aim to source locally for reliable, consistent quality parts. Thanks to Motion, the activity benefited from the lubricant products of CRC Industries and the industrial motorization of TECO.

“Although our food products are quite traditional, we try wherever we can to modernize and improve our machinery to ensure the best quality,” McAlpine said.

“Items such as our filler, labeler, palletizer and similar equipment need to be maintained in a cost-effective manner, but also to deliver a better result. Motion helps us a lot in this way.

Over the past 100 years, Three Threes has kept family recipes at the heart of its business, introducing iconic products such as Mightymight to the range. Quality is at the heart of everything they do, operating under rigorous safety and risk mitigation codes from start to finish.

“I think when products are imported, there’s no guarantee they’re always coming from the same supplier,” McAlpine said.

“So because everything is sourced here, we follow strict rules and regulations that help consumers feel confident in their purchase.”

McAlpine is optimistic about the future of Three Threes, as many operational duties become the responsibility of his son and fifth-generation McAlpine, Tim.

“A lot of times people call us just to say it’s great that we’re still a family business,” she said.

“You know, we’re one of the oldest national original food manufacturers, and that’s something we can be extremely proud of.”