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How to make household chores more fun and mentally stimulating


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Disorder is natural in any home. This is important, however, to tackle messy hotspots in the spaces you use the most. “I recommend ‘resetting’ a room when you’re done using it so it looks like it did when you walked in the door,” says Jessica Haizman, an organization expert and lifestyle influencer. “It could be anything from throwing away the trash, piling up dirty plates to take to the kitchen, picking up your toddler’s toys off the floor, or wash the dishes after each meal.”

By tackling these tasks every day, you can avoid doing that dreaded overhaul several times a year. Even though daily chores can seem daunting, there are ways to make the process more enjoyable. Whatever you’re doing, try to set a schedule and don’t try to do it all at once.

“For example, you might have one day when you’re doing laundry, another day when you’re deep cleaning the bathroom, and another day when you’re rearranging the pantry,” explains Melissa Metrono, cleaning expert and lifestyle and home influencer. “It will help you get into a routine and take less time each day.”

It is also possible to have fun along the way by doing your chores. It can give you an extra boost to keep your home looking like new. “Whenever I seek motivation to clean up a space in my home, I still try to focus on the fact that I will feel better after doing it,” Haizman says. Here, our experts share four ways to cross those tasks off your to-do list and introduce some fun, mental stimulation along the way.

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Stream a TV show or podcast

You can take your favorite mobile device from room to room while you clean. So consider streaming a TV show or podcast while you work. “Some of my favorite activities are putting my iPad down and watching my favorite YouTuber or Netflix show while I folding laundry“, Shares Haizman.”[I also] put my [headphones] and plays my Spotify playlist “Mom’s on Stage” while I vacuum the house (and sing loudly – hello endorphins!). Thanks to modern technology, we have many options to entertain our minds while our bodies do the work.”

Dance to music

There’s nothing like a built-in dance party to add some fun to your household activities– especially if you involve the children. Haizman recommends turning up the music and walking around the rooms while you sweep, dust or vacuum. You can even make a game out of it: once the song changes, you have to move on to the next one. chore at hand (so you will have to finish quickly!).

Metrano agrees, because listening to music is his passion. “It makes the time go by so quickly without being too distracting,” she says. “Recently, I put the Spotify Q-tips Playlist, there are 100 songs and it’s so good! I don’t think I’d be as motivated to clean without having something fun to listen to.”

Give a ring to a friend

Talking on the phone with friends or family can make the cleaning and organization experience all the more enjoyable while you are in class and once you are done. “It’s really amazing to relax in a nice, clean house, free of clutter, trash and dirty dishes,says Haizman – and that feeling is even sweeter if you catch up with a friend in the process.

Have your favorite products at your fingertips

Haizman recommends having your favorite products and devices on hand to make chores easier and more fun. If you know you need to clean your floors, invest in a high quality vacuum cleaner which can tackle all the damage needed – it might make you want to use it, especially since you know it’s up to the task and easy to maneuver.

The same goes for other tasks, like washing the dishes. Haizman suggests stocking up on nice, scented dish soaps (think JR Watkins Foaming Dish Soap ($6.99, jrwatkins.com)) that can tackle stuck-on food and grime and simplify pots and pans that may have accumulated in your sink. The aromatic experience is just another added benefit.