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How to clean the inside of your washing machine with 3 household items – tips from Ms. Hinch’s fans


Over time, washing machines do a lot of work, which can lead to a build-up of dirt and grime. Most often, this is either noticed by a musty smell or by black spots that start to appear on your clothes. Although there are a number of cleaning products available on the market, the move towards a more environmentally friendly way of life is pushing many people to seek natural alternatives.

White vinegar

White vinegar, not to be confused with white wine vinegar, can also be used to clean unwanted dirt from inside your washing machine.

This acidic vinegar is one of the most aggressive available and is therefore useful for cleaning everything from windows to steel appliances.

Several users of Ms. Hinch recommended using the vinegar by simply pouring the liquid into the washing machine before proceeding to a hot wash.

According to Architectural Digest, “four cups of white vinegar” is the best amount for sparkling.

Users should turn the washing machine on “to run at its highest, hottest setting” before pausing washing and allowing the water and vinegar to sit for about an hour before resuming.

Ms. Hinch’s fans recommended using the product on its own, as well as combining it with white vinegar.

One fan wrote: “I just use white vinegar and baking soda.” [SIC]

According to Architectural Digest, this should be done by first running a warm wash of white vinegar.

After the first cycle is finished, pour in a cup of baking soda and resume washing for a second powerful cycle.