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How to Clean a Toaster With Cheap Household Items


The toaster is probably one of the most used appliances in a household, used to toast foods such as bread and waffles.

But it does get very dirty over time and it’s important to clean it to keep your kitchen as hygienic as possible and also to make sure you’re serving the best toast possible.


You can clean your toaster using items found around your houseCredit: Getty

How to clean a toaster?

You don’t have to go to the stores and buy expensive cleaning supplies to clean your toaster.

These household items will help you clean your toaster in no time.

As equipment you need a pastry brush, a sponge or a kitchen towel and a microfiber cloth.

As for liquids, you only need water and washing up liquid.

Now we can clean up.

Unplug the toaster

Remember, you’re cleaning an electrical appliance that also generates heat, so be sure to follow as many safety precautions as possible when you start cleaning.

Make sure the toaster is unplugged and has cooled down.

If you’ve just used your toaster, give it time to cool down and continue doing other tasks while it does so, or you’ll burn yourself while cleaning.

Remove as many crumbs as you can

Once the toaster has completely cooled, invert it in the sink or trash can to remove any excess crumbs that may have been left over from previously prepared foods.

Some toasters may have a removable bottom tray.

If you have any, remove it and also remove the crumbs.

If you don’t know how to remove the crumb tray from the bottom, check the toaster’s instruction manual and it should show you how.

Clean the crumb tray

Mix warm water and dish soap to create a cleaning solution and place the crumb tray in it.

Wash it well with a sponge or a towel.

Rinse the tray with water to remove any excess soap, then dry with another clean cloth.

Brush the crumbs from the inside

Once the crumb tray is removed, you also have the option of cleaning the inside of your toaster.

Remove any crumbs stuck inside using your pastry brush.

You can do this from the top and bottom of the toaster.

Do not attempt to insert your fingers into the toaster as you may injure yourself or damage the internal components of the toaster.

Clean the exterior of the toaster

Using your soapy water from earlier, wipe down the outside of the toaster with a sponge or dishcloth.

Try to wring out the water as much as you can, so your toaster doesn’t get soaked in it.

Pay attention to the components on the outside of your toaster so as not to damage them.

Also be careful not to get any water between the components as you don’t want to risk turning on the toaster and electrocuting yourself.

When cleaning the exterior, take a rag with just plain water to remove any excess soap that may have remained.

Then take a microfiber cloth to rinse and dry.

Reassemble your toaster

Reassemble the toaster as it was by inserting the crumb tray and making sure everything has stayed in place.

Now that your toaster is clean, you can plug it in and make more toast.

Can I rinse an unplugged toaster?

As mentioned above, you can clean your toaster with water as long as it is unplugged.

Do not pour or insert water inside, because once you turn it on again, you may get electrocuted.

If you have water inside you can never be too sure when it dries up or not, so better safe than sorry and just use the pastry brush to clean the inside.

Be sure to shake it as much as you can so every crumb stuck inside is gone.