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Housekeeper who stole jewelry, money and household items from her employer receives 5 months in prison


SINGAPORE – Just over a week before Castro Meldy Aloquina returned, his employer checked the maid’s belongings.

Among them, the employer found jewelry, a pile of foreign currency and household items that belonged to him.

Castro, 32, stole items and money for $ 14,733.35 from her employer and the Filipina was sentenced to five months in prison on Wednesday (December 29) by a court.

She pleaded guilty to one count of theft by a servant.

According to court documents, Castro had been working for the employer – a 46-year-old Singaporean woman – since June last year.

She was paid $ 662 per month, or $ 692 if she did not take days off, and her main duties were to do household chores.

Castro started robbing his employer from January of this year.

Public Prosecutor’s Officer Lam Peng Choy said, “While going about her daily chores in the residence, the accused dishonestly took things from (her employer’s) wallet and drawers.”

One of those drawers was locked and Castro knew the key was kept in a bag. She used the key to access the drawer and put it back in the bag after stealing items.

Between January and November of this year, Castro robbed his employer on at least 50 occasions.

Among the items she stole was a golden rectangular plate valued at $ 2,388 and a gold-colored necklace valued at $ 1,189.

She also stole a gold abacus, a key-shaped gold jewel, and a gold chain.

She also stole $ 4,225 in cash, with which she bought gold jewelry.