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Household goods warning: Prices for everyday electrical appliances have risen


According to a new analysis, the cost of replacing common household goods is higher than two years ago. Consumers have to pay more due to supply chain issues, research shows. And while shoppers will want to get a bargain, buying reliable and durable electrical items is essential.

Price comparison website PriceRunner conducted the analysis using its own data, as well as commissioning a survey to find out which home appliance prices have gone up.

A washing machine is generally £161 more than it was two years ago, while those replacing a cooker will cost £334.

Anyone needing a new TV can expect to pay £49 more, while a tablet now costs £74 more on average.

Christine Gouldthorp, the consumer expert at PriceRunner, warned shoppers about rising prices and shared that they may not be back to normal this year.

She said: “As for daily consumer products such as digital cameras, washing machines and cookers, some of them have doubled in price over the past two years.

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About three percent of participants said they had tried to ask their employer for a raise in an effort to help them cope with rising costs.

The average price increases between April 2020 and April 2022, according to PriceRunner:

– Digital cameras: 60% or £268

– Washing machines: 49% or £161

– Instructors: 39% or £96

– Cookers: 27% or £334

– Tablets: 22% or £74

– Clothes dryer: 19% or £72

– Toys: 18% or £3

– Vacuum cleaners: 11% or £18

– Coffee makers: 10% or £7

– Speakers: 9% or £15

– TVs: 8% or £49

– Headphones and gaming headsets: 8% or £3