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Household chores improve brain health


According to the researchers, people who perform household chores have greater brain volume. Plus, chores help kids develop new neural pathways.

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We know that the responsibilities that come with household chores help make children better adults. We also know that household chores also provide many benefits.

But there is bigger news; researchers now say that chores can actually improve brain health in children and adults – which means chores are literally Good for you!

The study, recently published in the journal BMC Geriatrics, assessed the links between household chores, cognition and brain volume.

According to Medical Xpress, a group of 66 participants underwent health assessment, structural brain imaging, and cognitive assessment at Baycrest Hospital in Toronto, Canada. In addition, each participant was asked how much time they spent on routine household chores, yard work, and basic household repairs.

Through the study, the researchers found that adults who spent more time doing household chores also had larger brain volumes. The two main areas where the researchers noticed these increases were the hippocampus (the center of memory and learning) and the frontal lobe (which facilitates cognition).

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Children doing chores

Although this study is only the beginning of other research on the subject, the team of News-Medical.net said there are several reasons why chores improve brain health.

•For starters, performing a chore can affect the heart and blood vessels in much the same way as light-intensity aerobic exercise.

•Furthermore, because chores require planning and organization, they could promote the formation of neural pathways, essential for children and adults alike.

• Finally, chore competition leaves less free time for sedentary activities, like watching TV or playing on electronic devices — and we already know that screen time has a negative impact on health.

In an interview with Neuroscience News, the study’s lead author, Noah Koblinsky, says this is the first such study of the impact of simple tasks on brain health. What’s more, he says this study is essential for developing strategies that can help maintain brain health as people age.

So what does this study mean for parents? Well, that proves even more why household chores are important for kids. Just like in adults, these activities can help children develop new neural pathways and improve their overall brain health. Additionally, instilling these responsibilities at an early age will help children carry them into adulthood, which can help children avoid dementia and other forms of brain deterioration that occur with age.

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Sources: Medical Xpress, News-Medical.net, Neuroscience News

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