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household chores girls or boys are responsible for


Recently, a relative came to the house. He named his son Namit which is similar to my name. In the conversation, Namit’s mother said, I sometimes call my son Namita. Whenever I have to do household chores, I make her my daughter. The sentence ended here and everyone sitting there laughed, Wow, what a thing!

Namit’s mother is young and makes her own business by being very independent. She’s a progressive woman and she won’t even realize what the innocence with which she said this in front of everyone really means. If you want Namit to do chores, first change the gender to speaking Namita, then her mother and other family members won’t feel bad for tricking her into doing chores. Why, because it’s girls’ responsibility to learn household chores and anyway it’s a bit better for boys to do housework.

By the way, it’s not the fault of Namit’s mother, the Patriarchy is so ingrained in everyone’s DNA that by saying or doing such things, we don’t even know that we are pushing the whole society not forward but backward. Now is not the time when boys were sent to school, men had all the responsibility of working or earning their own food and raising the family. Girls today have equal opportunities to teach, to write, to have a career, to do all the work outside and girls are also proving that the discrimination they faced for so many years n was not justified. Society should turn its back on this, but while working on the project “Girls should learn all the work”, society forgot that when the boy and the girl study, write, go to work, earn money, then those who do household chores. Who will do them? Why did society forget to make the decision that if the girl does all the work that was previously considered only for boys, then why didn’t society think of sharing the responsibility for household chores in his part? Why does Namit’s mother think I’m going to have to make her wear a dress to do chores and call her Namita?

who is responsible for household chores

Recently, a reel was highly visible on social media. We see the mother asking her two or four year old boy to wipe the dust or the broom from the house and say: To my daughter-in-law, you are welcome! That is to say, oh my future daughter-in-law, watch my boy do the household chores. I’m such an open minded mother in law, I teach the son housework, you’ll be lucky to rule. Suppose you are doing very well teaching the job to the son, but addressing the daughter-in-law, when you say you are welcome in such a house, then you must understand that you are doing the daughter-in-law a favor by doing household chores. they do not do. When you teach your son household chores, you are helping your son make his life easier. Think how useful these life skills will be to him if he grows up and moves to another city or country to study or do a job. If you know a little about cooking, are used to washing clothes yourself, know how to keep clean, then these things will make your son a better person, his health will be good, and humanity will come to him. Putting your clothes in the closet, not putting wet towels on the bed to dry, sharing your hands in the kitchen, keeping clean, washing your own clothes or at least learning which button on the washing machine to press , water, keep a cup of tea or milk in a glass sink and wash it off if necessary, learn some improvised cooking except for tea, eggs and Maggi, all these things are not no genre, there is an urgent need to understand and explain this thing constantly. If your son or son-in-law went to the kitchen and made tea in your presence, then considering it a wonder, you will have to stop proving it to the world. In the absence of you or your daughter-in-law, he must not sit in the ground, he must not remain hungry and thirsty.

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed above are those of the author.