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Hilary Barry’s X-Rated Housewife Surprise

Hilary Barry isn’t afraid to push boundaries in the name of humor.

But she is now the victim of a rather X-rated gag thanks to one of her children.

While she usually laughs with Hauraki and Seven Sharp’s Jeremy Wells, it was Barry who was stunned when she got home and got a rather eye-opening surprise.

One of Barry’s children decided to have the final say when asked to do household chores.

Taking to Instagram, the TV presenter explained that she left her youngest child in charge of mowing the lawns.

But she didn’t come home with a neatly mowed and manicured lawn like most parents would. Barry was instead greeted by a giant cropped outline of male genitalia.

Taking to Instagram, Barry revealed that his child was the culprit behind the X-rated prank.

“When you leave your youngest child to mow the lawns,” she wrote.

The artwork of shorn genitals took up almost the entire lawn, with outlines the width of the lawnmower itself.

This isn’t the first time Barry has gotten caught up in X-rated humor.

Eleven months ago, the television host was caught in an R18 blunder on the air thanks to dishonest subtitles.

In February, Barry took to social media to clarify what she meant during a segment of Seven Sharp, after the subtitles gave viewers a very different message to what she actually had. said.

During a segment on a new breed of salmon in the Tasman region, Barry told co-host Hadyn Jones that she loves salmon.

For those who relied on captions to hear the program, the message was considerably different. The caption popped up onscreen as, “I like cum.”

A viewer spotted the X-rated error in the caption and tweeted a screenshot of it.

“I think Hilary Barry might need to have a word with the captioners,” the Twitter user wrote. “To clarify, she loves salmon.”

The Seven Sharp host retweeted the tweet, which included an image of the X-rated caption, and clarified, “SALMON!! I LOVE SALMON!!!”