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Here’s how you can save water while doing chores


When it comes to doing household chores, there are several things we need to take care of. From cleaning every place and corner to watering the plants, we have a daily to-do list. However, in this process, we tend to overlook the fact that we are unwittingly wasting a lot of water, which only aggravates the current water crisis. Yes, household chores like mopping, cleaning utensils, and laundry do require water, but you can scoop any amount of water you want from the bucket instead of running the tap during chores.

If you are someone who believes that talking about water is the need of the hour and you want to do something about it, then you can do your part by using water wisely while doing household chores. Read below to find out what to keep in mind when doing household chores next time. These things will help you save water while you complete all tasks as usual. Here’s how you can save water while doing household chores.

1. Avoid running the faucet continuously while you do chores

Instead of keeping the faucet running, fill a bucket with the amount of water you need for this chore and use only that water. This way you avoid having to turn the tap on and off every time you need water for a chore.

2. Clean the bathroom while bathing


If you plan to take a shower, be sure to reuse the same water to wash the bathroom, instead of using a separate bucket of water to wash it after or before that.

3. Reuse water for plants


If you have water left over without any chemicals, you can reuse it for plants. However, make sure the water is not dirty.

4. Avoid taking long showers


Don’t sing in the bathroom and waste water by taking long showers. Yes, you certainly enjoy it, but you are also wasting extra water that can be used for other purposes. So avoid taking long showers if it is not necessary.

5. Look for a leaky faucet


House cleaning is a great opportunity to give your home a check for anything that needs fixing. When you open the faucet to get clean water, take a look at its function. If broken, get it repaired immediately as it can waste a lot of water in a short time.