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Here are the appliances your dog hates the most


Research has revealed which devices our four-legged friends hate the most. And while it’s no surprise that the vacuum cleaner is dogs’ enemy number one, it turns out that there are plenty of household items they don’t like to be around.

Regularly mopping your floors and sofas is a dog owner’s secret to getting rid of pet hair — here, a vet shares tips on using cleaners and other appliances without bothering your dog.

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Household appliances your dog hates the most

A Compare The Market study showed that four out of five dogs are afraid of at least one household appliance. One in five dogs have exhibited “misbehaviours” caused by these machines, ranging from chewing and chasing to excessive barking.

  • Vacuum cleaner (45%)
  • Hairdryer (24%)
  • Lawnmower (21%)
  • Washing machine (15%)
  • Food mixer (13%)
  • Sweep brush (10%)

The hair dryer was the second worst, followed by the lawn mower. According to Compare The Market, 40% of dogs leave the room until the appliance is put away or turned off, and 10% of dogs will even pant in anxiety when appliances like the blender are turned on.

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Hebe Hatton, editor of Future Homes Digital, says her one-and-a-half-year-old whippet Willow is still very intrigued by the vacuum cleaner. “I wouldn’t say she hates it, but as soon as I turn it on she rushes over and starts biting her head off,” she says.

“The best way to solve the problem is to offer him a more fun game like a Kong, available on Amazon, or a cardboard box with some treats in it,” says Hebe. Veterinary consultant Dr. Heather Venkat shared some tips with Compare The Market to nip it in the bud.

To prevent dogs from being afraid of household appliances when they’re puppies, Dr. Venkat says pet parents should introduce their dogs to low-volume or distant noises. Giving your pup a treat at the same time will also help him establish a positive association with your noisy device.

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Make sure they can get away from the noise, so they can go find a more comfortable spot among your favorite houseplants. If your dog is seriously bothered by noise, consult your veterinarian and ask about anti-anxiety medication.