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Habitat for Humanity ReStore has been recycling appliances for over 15 years


MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Thrifting is a little different at Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore in Mankato.

For 15 years, the store has been accepting donated items — ranging from appliances to hardware to materials — all to refurbish them into usable items for customers.

“We receive a diversity of people. There are obviously the carpenters, the owners, stuff like that, that we incorporate into this. You know, we have people who are just treasure hunting, for example, because sometimes you find these diamonds in the rough, so to speak,” said Adam Kane, deputy director of ReStore.

Habitat ReStore operates as part of the South-Central Minnesota nonprofit Habitat for Humanity ReStore, with a dual purpose mission. The first goal is to combat rising housing market costs by making homes more affordable through inexpensive recycled items and by providing volunteers.

“We build houses. We use a lot of volunteer labor to build houses for people, and that’s what makes it affordable. So we can receive donated services, but we also use a lot of volunteer labor, which then reduces the cost of that house for that owner,” said general manager Sondra Herman.

The second objective is to prevent reusable goods from going to landfill. Last year, the store saved 266 tons of products.

“Every year, for the past seven or eight years, I would say we have diverted at least 250 tonnes of items, per year, to landfill. And 99% of what we diverted is probably still in use today,” said Shawn Warner, ReStore’s operations and facilities manager.

With a structure based on volunteers and a pollution prevention mission, Habitat Restore has become the main source of funding for the association Habitat for Humanity.

“That’s what we consider our biggest fundraiser,” Herman said.

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