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GWEICH launched a series of smart cleaning appliances to free women from household chores


JAKARTAIndonesia , August 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In the digital golden age, women in Southeast Asia are playing an increasingly important role in the economy. While engaged in busy work, young women aspire to an international, modern and personalized “Life of Light”.

GWEICH, a new household appliance brand, has a fine vision of the real needs of women in South East Asia and plans to launch a series of smart home vacuum cleaners in the Southeast Asian market soon.

GWEICH lightweight vacuum cleaner, a practitioner free from household chores

Natural Bionics Suction cup adhesion

Inspiration for GWEICH vacuum cleaner series comes from sea life – Remora (also known as sucker fish). The founder, American engineer Dr.Geller, inadvertently discovered that there was Remoras firmly adsorbed on the bottom of the ship when he went to sea. Later, he copied the features and functions of the system Remoras adsorption through research, learning and imitation, which has greatly improved the vacuum suction and sealing ability of cleaning tools.

There are about 2000 small micro cone-shaped spines on the fish’s fins, which can be sunken or raised according to the attaching surface, so that its sucker vacuum can be strongly adsorbed on the surface of various marine organisms. By integrating Remora’s bionic science and engineering technology, Dr. Geller led the team to successfully develop Suction principle (biological cleaning technology) in 2015.

GWEICH suction principle (bionic cleaning technology)
GWEICH suction principle (bionic cleaning technology)

Dr. Geller, in collaboration with Asian industrial designer Yolanda, applied Suction principlebionic cleaning technologyin the research and development of household vacuum cleaners in 2017, and officially launched the GWEICH household vacuum cleaner one year later. This product is based on the working principle of vacuum cupping and the whole machine sealing filter system, effectively eliminating the secondary pollution caused by the cleaning process of household vacuum cleaners.

Natural inspiration Enjoy a free lifestyle

Yolanda believes that high efficiency can really free women from household chores, which comes precisely from the perfect design of household appliances. Yolanda launched the GWEICH Valley and Lake series cleaning devices in 2019, inspired by the natural landscape of Colorado in United Stateshoping to bring a wonderful and effective domestic experience to all women who want to live a free life.

Enjoy a free lifestyle

  • Simple appearance: simple design, easy to match the general home environment
  • Lightweight performance: efficient design, easy hands-free
  • Portable operation: ergonomic design, humanized operation, portable life
  • Light power consumption: low power consumption design, cost saving
  • Quiet noise: noise reduction design, quiet home
  • Light weight: light body, move freely

Yolanda talked about the recent launch plan for GWEICH in South East Asia: “GWEICH vacuum is inspired by the grandeur and wonders of nature. We will bring this vacuum cleaner to all women in Southeast Asia and hope they can enjoy this simple and natural cleaning experience.”

GWEICH, the essential for a free lifestyle.
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