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Glasgow families helped by new appliance purchase scheme


A full-time mum and carer says she would be ‘lost’ without a new program that has helped her afford essential household appliances.

Victoria, who is caring for her autistic son, bought a cooker and fridge-freezer despite her poor credit rating with help from Fair for You.

The charity-owned lender is helping up to 1,000 households in the G postcode area to buy items such as cookers, fridges and washing machines.

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The Kilsyth single mum said: “I bought a cooker, fridge freezer and other items through Fair for You – customer service is always excellent, you can choose when and how often payments are made, and people are always there to help.

“I have two children, one of whom is disabled, and with my finances it is not possible to pay large sums upfront to buy the things we need to make our home comfortable and ensure that we have the essentials we need.

“I don’t have a good credit rating and so honestly I would be lost without Fair for You, I don’t know what I would do.”

Established in 2016, Fair For You aims to provide an alternative to high cost loans and offers flexible and affordable credit terms.

The program comes as the Glasgow Times raises awareness of the cost of living crisis in its Beat the Squeeze campaign.

Last year, they received almost 10,000 loan applications, almost half of them seeking help with the purchase of household appliances.

Emma Goodwin, Deputy CEO and Chief Financial Officer of Fair for You, said: “Scotland has a complex and expensive debt collection system which can create real headaches for families struggling to reach ends meet and make them ineligible for further credit from other lenders.

“If someone’s fridge or washing machine is full to bursting, we want to help them solve that problem, rather than seeing them go without fresh food or clean clothes.

“Predatory high-cost lenders shouldn’t be the only option available to families in need and we know that ethical and affordable credit can have a big impact in the community.”

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Fair for You has received funding of £350,000 from Social Investment Scotland (SIS) to carry out the programme.

The initiative currently targets families with young children, dependents and people with other family responsibilities.

The program is currently aimed at families with young children

Applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis using a combination of open banking and credit checks.

Open banking allows the lender to have a broader view of the affordability of a loan and allows them to accept applications from people who are refused elsewhere.

Ms Goodwin added: “We are launching the new pilot scheme with the support of SIS and hope it will make a real difference for families in Glasgow as the costs of essentials like food, fuel and energy continue to rise. ‘increase.”

The program is being tested in the Glasgow area before possibly being rolled out to other parts of Scotland.

Chris Jamieson, Head of Investments at SIS, added: “Fair for You plays an important role in helping low-income families access the financing they need for essential household items, without having to resort to expensive loans. raised.

“Fair for You has identified significant demand for its products in Scotland and we are delighted to support this pilot program in Glasgow, which will hopefully lead to further support for families in other cities as well.”

For more information visit www.fairforyou.co.uk.