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Gang of Home Appliances Kill “Sweet Dreams” Cover


Eurythmics’ “Sweet Dreams” is one of the most instantly recognizable songs on the pop charts. Whether it’s that iconic synth beat or Annie Lennox’s vocals, there’s just something about this song that snaps (as kids say). It is also one of the most cover songs in music, with over 63 saved versions. And now he’s getting one of his craziest covers yet.

Featured on Boing boing, this cover of “Sweet Dreams” by Device orchestra immediately caught our attention.

Eight electronic devices provide coverage. The devices include two electric toothbrushes, three credit card machines, a toaster, a steam iron, and an electric typewriter. And yes, some of them have names. For example, they have a card machine named “Cardy B” and a steam iron named “Ron”. What about the electric toothbrush? His name is “Silk bob. ” Obviously

Looking at the video, we don’t really know who the leader of the group is. But these devices have found a way to make great music together. Not only do they cover this’ 80s classic, the popular YouTube channel has several other tunes.

Device orchestra

Some of Device Orchestra’s greatest hits include “Believer” by Imagine Dragons and “September” by Earth Wind and Fire. They don’t leave the players behind either. In addition to their fantastic pop covers, the channel offers a whole playlist dedicated to the songs of the players. In fact, one of the most popular videos is the super mario bros theme song. This video alone has over six million views! And yes, of course, there is a cover of the Pokemon theme song.

After spending some time with this unique YouTube channel, you can venture out to their Instagram. There, they post new bangers from the group and behind-the-scenes information on how they make these amazing devices.

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