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Funny video turns household items into FPS weapons


There is something about animation in video games that makes them endlessly satisfying. So it’s no wonder that we often wish life was a bit more like a video game – minus the endless violence. Well don’t ask me anymore, comrade gam3rz, like a Twitter and the Tik Tok user decided to make the mundane infinitely more exciting by turning items into weapons from a first person shooter.

Reloading everything from a Dyson vacuum cleaner to a children’s toy, a toaster and even a … lamp, the Kommander Karl sure achieves the satisfying feeling of reloading a weapon into a shotgun. I mean, have you ever wanted to charge a lamp at this point ?! Sure, we all have that stealthy urge to recharge the lamp every now and then, but damn it, does this dude make that lamp look mighty.

It turns out that this trusty toaster paid a heavy price for this entertainment. Don’t worry, noble little bread warmer – your sacrifice will not be forgotten. Bonus points for using the M1 Garand ping.

For a more entertaining viral gaming hijinx, check out this awesome video of three Gregorian monks absolutely nailing the Halo theme song. In a chapel in Helsinki, nothing less.

It turns out that, when it doesn’t destroy democracy and divide people, the Internet can still be a source of joy. Who knew?