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From yoga mats to mop heads, here are 15 household items you can clean in a washing machine


Many household items become unpleasant. But don’t throw them away. Try throwing them in your washing machine instead. My washing machine is running right now, busily working on a soapy load of jeans. It is one of the most functional appliances in our homes.

Although cleaning and laundry are not your favorite tasks, numerous studies show that its benefits go beyond simply having an immaculate home. Researchers at University College London have found that active cleansing for as little as 20 minutes can positively impact your mental health and reduce stress and anxiety by up to 20%.

Another study found that having a clean, smelling home has both short-term and long-term benefits for mental health, including an immediate boost in mood.

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So here are 15 ways to use your washing machine’s capabilities to get a clean house:

1 – Stuffed Animals

The washing machine’s gentle or delicate cycle can handle several.

2 – Tennis shoes

First, to machine wash them, take out the laces and zip them into a small mesh lingerie bag. Put the mesh bag in the washer along with your shoes and some old towels. Towels balance the load and minimize annoying banging noise.

3 – Mop heads

Removable mop heads (not sponge mops) can be removed and thrown in the washer on their own, perhaps with a little bleach.

4 – Fabric and silicone kitchen gloves

Put the cloth in the washer and the silicone in the dishwasher.

5 – Small toys

Put in a mesh laundry bag and wash with towels.

6 – Plastic shower curtains and liners

Shower curtains and their plastic liners can get quite coarse. Throw them in a hot water cycle and let them shower.

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7 – Yoga mats and sports pads

Your yoga mats can usually be machine washed on the gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

8 – Patio Furniture Cushions

If your patio furniture cushions fit in your washer and still leave room for the machine to spin, go ahead and wash them there.

9 – Pet Beds

Cat and dog beds can often go straight into the washer. If the bed is too big for your washer, you can take it to a laundromat.

10 – Nylon Pet Collars and Leashes

If the items are nylon, scrub the stink into your washer. Put items in a mesh bag first and remove ID tags for best results.

11 – Pillows

Most foam or synthetic pillows can withstand the gentle cycle of the washing machine.

12 – Baseball Caps

Washing machines are suitable for most caps.

13 – Reusable Canvas Grocery Bags

If your bag is canvas or nylon, put it in the washer on hot and toss it in the dryer when you’re done. Turn inside out for best results

14 – Backpacks

Turn a backpack inside out before washing it and, if possible, throw it in a mesh bag or pillowcase and tie it afterwards.

15 – Cloth Lunch Boxes

Luckily, most of these cloth bags and lunch boxes can go straight into the washer with a load of hot water.

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