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Five ‘most energy-intensive’ household appliances – how to keep costs ‘as low as possible’


Homeowners and bill-payers are being warned about the most “power-hungry” appliances in the home as the energy price cap is set to rise in October to a staggering amount. Experts shared the top five devices that use the most electricity and “probably use more power and cost you more money.”

Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, Callum Woodstock, energy expert at PropertyRescue, said: “As winter approaches, we are all concerned about rising energy costs – here are five household appliances that are consuming the most energy and how to conserve it. as efficient as possible.

“None of us can live without these essential appliances, but by following these tips you can save valuable energy and help keep your bills as low as possible during what is likely to be a harsh winter for most people. ‘between us.”

1. Refrigerator

As essential as it is, the refrigerator is by far the most energy-intensive appliance in the home, consuming around a third of all the electricity used by a typical household.

Callum said: “None of us can live without our fridges, however, they are the worst as they consume up to a third of our overall electricity consumption.

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Some of the older advice still stands – remember to turn your devices off to sleep whenever possible. Callum advised, “Turn off the TV when not in use and never leave it on standby.”

If it’s time to buy a new TV, look for the most energy-efficient one you can afford or choose a smaller screen size to save on running costs.

3. Washing machine

Washing machines can vary widely in energy efficiency, with units typically ranging from 1.2kW to 3kW.

Some also have eco-friendly settings that will improve their efficiency, but this will depend on the cycles customers choose to use.

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According to the energy expert, these machines typically account for 11.8% of electricity bills.

To help combat this, Callum suggested “waiting until you have a full charge and switching to a cold wash whenever possible.”

4. Oven

If the owners like to cook, they may know how much energy this appliance consumes. But did you know that how you use your oven affects how much electricity you use?

Many are guilty of opening and closing the oven door to check for perfect crispness or lack of goo, but this habit can be costly.

Callum warned: “8.3% of your bill goes to your oven. Make sure your oven is efficient by keeping the door closed during use.

“Also, when using the hob, match the size of your pans to the ring you are using to avoid wasting energy unnecessarily.”

5. Computers

Adjusting your daily behaviors can help you save money and reduce your electricity bill.

With more people working from home than ever before, computers are consuming up to 7.7%, according to the energy professional.

To minimize costs, Callum suggested, “Reduce your laptop’s brightness and avoid leaving it on standby to reduce power consumption.”