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Energy bills: The most expensive appliances to run – and how to cut costs


Rising energy bills have become a huge concern for Britons across the country and analysis from energy experts Boiler Central recently revealed that Google searches for terms such as ‘help with energy ‘ and ‘I can’t afford the energy’ exploded. Energy bills can be cut by using less heating, choosing energy-efficient appliances and turning appliances off at the plug, but what are the five most expensive appliances to run?

Boiler Central experts said: ‘There’s a reason old houses with separate, uninsulated tanks for heating water usually mean bad news for bills.

“If you are looking for a house, make sure you understand the heating configuration, combi boilers are generally better and the level of energy efficiency of the boiler.”

According to Boiler Guide, electricity can be three times more expensive than gas, however, an electric boiler will use half the energy of a gas boiler.

Refrigerators and freezers are the second most energy-consuming items in a home.

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For those passionate about baking or cooking meals in the oven that take up a lot of time, the oven could cost close to £10 a month to run.

Experts added: “That might not seem like a lot, but taking into account all the other appliances, it’s worth trying to reduce oven use whenever possible by timing cooking better to accommodate at least two dishes at a time or one after the other to save on preheating.

Households could opt for batch cooking and reheating food in the microwave, which costs less in electricity.

On average, washing machines consume more than twice the energy of kettles.

To help save money when washing clothes, it is recommended to opt for a lower temperature.

Thirty degrees is hot enough to kill most bacteria with washing pods.

A good solution to reduce long-term energy bills is to invest in A-rated appliances.

Myles Robinson of Boiler Central commented: “If you want to lower your annual energy bills, the first thing you need to do is focus your attention on heating your home.

“Start with energy efficiency, reduce your energy consumption and change your habits with a smart meter.

“Then consider switching to renewables and replacing your boiler.

“Home appliances also use energy, but it takes a lot more energy to heat the whole house. This is why it is so important to choose an A-rated green boiler to reduce energy consumption. »

Other ways to save on energy bills include installing a smart meter, switching to LED bulbs and investing in double glazing.

Homeowners can also protect their home from drafts by installing thicker curtains, sealing cracks and blocking off unused chimneys.