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Energy bills: 13 common household appliances that are costing you £1,000 a year when left on standby


The energy price cap has more than doubled since 2019, with punters now having to shell out nearly £2,000 for gas and electricity. The pressure on landlords and tenants has left many wondering what they can do to tighten their purse strings.

You might not realize that a handful of common household appliances could fetch a total of £1,011.93 a year if left on standby. Sometimes you can’t avoid charging phones and toothbrushes overnight, but turning off other gadgets like game consoles, Wi-Fi, and TVs could save you a lot of money on your next bill. of energy.

Plumbing and electrical company JustServicesGroup.com analyzed 13 electrical appliances that could be turned off overnight, to see how much it cost to run them for a month and a year. They found that keeping devices on or on standby overnight cost an average of £84.33 extra per month. A simple games console could add £13 to your annual bill, reports Wales Online.

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You could save a nice amount of money just by unplugging a few of these devices.

JustServicesGroup.com co-founder Chris Burls said: “Rising energy bills are inevitable and cause immense financial pressure for many households. While turning these things off overnight doesn’t solve the burden of the price cap increase, making minor changes in day-to-day habits can have a beneficial effect on monthly and annual costs.” These are all the April changes that will have seen your bills increase.

The devices included in the search and their cost for eight hours a day for one year were:

  1. Oil filled radiator – £544.20 (six months of the year)

  2. Dehumidifier – £304.80 per year

  3. Electric blanket – £87.12 (six months of the year)

  4. Fan – £30.48 (three months of the year)

  5. Falling asleep with the TV on – £26.16 per year

  6. Lights left on (bathroom, hallway and exterior lights) – £17.40 per year

  7. Standby games console – £13.08 per year

  8. Baby Monitors – £8.76 per year

  9. WiFi (broadband router) – £4.32 per year

  10. Tablet charging – £4.32 per year

  11. Smartphone charging – £1.75 per year

  12. Standby smart speaker (Google Home/Amazon Echo) – £1.40 per year

  13. Standby TV – £0.45 per year

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